Which would you keep?

john gerrard

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Well I just bought a used set of Renowns and I also found a like new Renown snare to match. I will be keeping the Gretsch Renown snare.

I also have a 1967 Ludwig Supra in pretty good condition it does have some flaking which is very common on Supra's of that age. By the way it's a LM400. My other snare is a Pearl Masters Maple it's a 14 x 6.

I need to get rid of either the Pearl or the Ludwig. I like having two different snares so which one do you think would best compliment the Gretsch Renown ? With the Gretsch, Ludwig I would have a maple and a metal snare, but both of the same size. With the Gretsch and Pearl I would have two maple snares but one would be 5 inches deep and the other would be a deeper 6 inches deep.

So give me your opinions on which one you would keep and which one would you sell. Thanks, John


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Simple, try them both with the gretsch and see which you like better.

Congrats on the new set, I love the renowns!


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I say keep the Pearl and get what you can for the Ludwig now before the flaking issue becomes worse (if you think it will...) But what the hell do I know. I'm partial to maple. Just saw a live show with drummer using Pearl Masters full set and was impressed..


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I'd definitely keep the Ludwig. You have a piece of history there and a GREAT sounding drum. So what if its flakey, it adds character. I'd sell one of the maple snares, the Renown if it were me. Maple snares are everywhere. 1960s LM400s aren't


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If it was me (I'd keep all three, what's 1 more drum? ... I have 6 snares) .... but ... the Pearl would go .... simply because the Gretsch is wood ... the Ludwig's metal .... two completely different sounds .....​


Keep the Ludwig for sure! The Pearl Masters is a nice snare, but you could probably get a very similar sound to this drum out of your renown snare.


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I have one maple snare and one steel snare, and it is nice to have the contrast. Even though I am big Pearl fan, I would sell that one. Peace and goodwill.