Which song is your "Mustang Sally" song?

Anon La Ply

I think These Boots are Made for Waking. I like(d) the song but played it too often in too many bands. Walking the Dog too.


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"Ain't No Sunshine" by Bill Withers. I absolutely detest that tune but it's on every local band's set list around here and there's always someone that requests to hear it. This is when i drift off in my mind: "did I pay the cable bill?" "I need to get a new weed eater."

I used to hide my disgust and pretend to be into it but everyone can tell i hate that tune now. LOL!


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Some of the songs people are listing on here would be on my "I wish we played that song" list.

Odd-Arne Oseberg

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I was in a cover band for a while. We played a wide selection, sort of like a Norwegian radio channel that covers the last 4 decades of hits. I was playing guitar. Most of it was ok, but when we pplayed the 3rd song of the first set "It's a heartache", I wanted to hide behind the PA speakers and during my solo I wanted to dig myself a hole in the ground.

We did "Knocking on Heavens Door" to, but we did the reggae thing had fun and took it really far out, so that was ok. Octavia solo. lol

There are several songs I'd hate to have playing like the original or hit version, but when I do those they're often quite different in both tempo and style.


they are just songs . the way I figure it if you are paying me and you want to hear it? then my opinion has no bearing on any song. I can be very robotic dare I say "assembly line" in a cover band situation. play it well, and collect the money. when we were young we allegedly did it "for the music itself, "but then I got older and smarter and realized we were doing it for girls and later on the "money". sure playing is fun but without financial rewards (albeit small) I doubt I would still own a drum kit.


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At a local jam the boys like to see exactly how fast we can play stairway to heaven. I'm talking like, punk fast, and we keep speeding up until it falls apart.

Screw that song anyway.

When someone asks us to play "freebird" we tell them which bird we will free for them and flip em off.