Which software can open Drum map DRM file apart from Cubse?


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Hello, I am new to DRUMMERWORLD. I want to convert .DRM drum recorded file from my e-drum. I don't want to buy Cubase because I just want to convert DRM file into WAV file. Is there any opensource or freeware to open DRM file to convert to WAV file?


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I don't think that what you're trying to do is possible. I use Cubase, but don't use the drum stuff in it. Had to look for .drm drum file and found this:

"What is a DRM file?​

Contains drum map settings for a specific MIDI keyboard; maps different drum sounds to different keys on the keyboard; used for playing a software drum instrument within Cubase from Yamaha, Roland, Korg, and other keyboards."

Sounds like it's mapping keyboard keys to drum sounds. You won't be able to convert that to .wav files.
To get .wav files, you'll have to use the audio outs on your unit into a program that can record audio.

BTW - what e-drum are you using?