Which snare...


I've been thinking about getting a new snare lately.
Out of you guys personal opinions, which would you choose? My sound preference is slightly above medium pitched to high pitch.
Here they are-

SJC Custom 6.5x14 Hyrbid. 25 ply maple (wrapped gold sparkle) and acrylic (clear) would be about a half inch thick. Diecast hoops, brass hardware. 4 1 inch drilled vents. (would be acrylic/maple/acrylic)
Here's a basic idea of the looks-

The other snare is about 7 ply maple 6.5x14. Diecast hoops. So it's the Lugwig Classic Maple Snare-

And last would be another SJC snare, 6.5x14 8 ply maple, brass hardware, diecast hoops. Then a hand burned design into the the natural finish.
http://sjcdrums.com/uploads/gallery/large/bravelittletoastersnare2.jpg (it has a cord that's burned all the way around the drum too that leads to the main design which is seen there.)



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Have you played them? Which one did you prefer?

What I like and what you like may be two totally different animals. Personally I'd choose the Luddy, for a host of reasons that aren't really applicable to anyone else......that's pretty much why you should play these things yourself and let YOUR ear tell you what it likes or doesn't like.

FWIW, the Luddy looks like it has triple flanged hoops to me, so if you're specifically after diecast it may be worth consideration.


I'm going to play the Ludwig this weekend to see if I like it. But the other 2 would be custom made and of course can't be played until ordered.


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Before ordering a custom drum, you should talk to 'the' or 'a' builder to see what goes into a drum and what specs would best suit the sound you are striving for....


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maybe I lack patience but I would have a hard time waiting months for 1 high quality drum when I can get a high quality Luddy now... dont get me wrong I would love to be able to order a SQ2 set someday.. but not special order just a snare when there are so many out there to choose from that I I can get in one in a week or less... but again thats me...


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if it were my money i'd probably pick the ludwig snare. it's a great drum and a known entity and is available right now from memphis drum shop (i assume). you could have them put the die cast hoops on it and the fancy strainer and it would still cost less than $700. i bet those SJC drums cost a lot more than that and you'd have to wait who knows how long to have them made. don't get me wrong. i like SJC drums and i think they look awesome, but you just have to weigh everything in the balance.