Which one of these two Paiste 602 hi hats would you purchase?


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Hello from Spain!
I´ve decided that my next buy will be a Paiste 602 Hi Hat
I would like to know you opinion about which one of these two Paise 602 hi hats you would prefer

- OPTION 1: CRAKED 15" Paiste 602 Pre serial. ( 105€/ 145 $). As you can see in the video it has been repaired. IMO, it sounds great. But I´ve never owned a craked/repaired cymbal. Are they a big deal?

- OPTION 2: MARCHING 15 " Paiste 602 Blue Label. (150 €/ 208 $) . From the 80´s. Never used. Flawless. Can marching cymbals be used as hi hats? And the most important: they will sound good?

Thanks in advance
Your not going to like this but..Stay away from cracked cymbals. If their cracked its going to make them sound very different and not in the good way.
And Marching cymbals are much much heavier, and thicker. therefore a lot more clanger and louder if thats your thing get em if not dont.


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Yup, those marching ones will sound very heavy and articulate, probably.

I've never owned a repaired cymbal like that, so I can't comment on their longevity, BUT they seem much better than simply keeping a cracked pair, and I thought those 602s sounded GREAT. Honestly, I'd pick them up ASAP- they sound really fantastic & versatile.


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They're not cracked, though... the crack's been cut out. Theoretically, that modification should drastically help the longevity. It's not like the cymbal is now cracked homeopathically.


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See if you can get a weight on those marching hats. I'd be weary that they're either really heavy and/or matching in weight, which will limit their foot chick and articulation significantly.