Which mixer please :)?


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The Behringer. More for your money. More inputs, and it looks like better preamps. I use Behringer products. I have a guitar amp, and their studio monitors, and they are great. And you will save money.


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If this is for recording you don't actually need a mixer at all. What you need is an audio interface, which is basically just preamps and digital/analogue converters, plus phantom power. These mixers have those, but you're also paying for a load of other things you probably won't actually need.

And if I were you I would avoid Behringer. Their name is a watchword for cheap components and bad built quality (the Truth studio monitors being a notable exception). Yes, it is cheap, but with recording gear you really get what you pay for.


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I have never had any trouble with Behringer gear. Everyone has their own experience, I suppose. Like, I hate Pearl hardware, but that's just me, I've never had a good experience with any of it. Behringer, no problem. I would be suspect however, that they are demo units.


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Agree with the interface comments - don't waste your time and money on a mixer if what you want to do is record. You'll preserve multi-track in and can far more flexibly deal with drum tracks - as opposed to having to apply blanket effects to drums as a whole.

Presonus is good bang for the buck in my experience. Not the best ever, but totally workable for getting started and doing respectable demos. (Just avoid the Firebox, the 2-input firewire one; the pres are noisy.)


Presonus FireStudio and FP10 (the new FirePod) are recommended buys. I recently got my hands on a Line6 TonePort UX8 and that's a great bit of kit in a similar price range. Skip the mixer all together. A friend of mine swears by the M-Audio NRV10 which is around the same money and another great kit of it. That's a digital desk with a FireWire connection - so it's the best of both Worlds. As far as I remember it only has two outputs whereas the others have eight or ten but if you really want a physical mixer - it's good quality and value.


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Do I need phantom power to play ghost notes ? (sorry...couldn't resist)
Funnily enough, that might help record them. Possibly. Condenser mics (which require 48v phantom power) are more sensitive to high frequencies, which is where most of your ghost notes will be. But not necessarily.

But yes, it sounds like some superhero power or something, doesn't it. I love switching phantom power on. Even better telling other people to do it.

Phantom power...on!

Like that.


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What's your back end for recording? Are you using a digital recorder, tape machine or computer? Is your mixer going to do double duty as a live mixer? If you're going to record on your computer (highly recommended if you are running a mac or dual-core or higher) i'd suggest a usb or firewirewire recording interface, minus the mixer, depending on your budget.

Now, to directly answer your question, Behringer makes great product, a lot of bang for the buck, however, their quality control is not great and many of the components they use are shoddy. That translates into a good percentage of their stuff being poor quality. There might be a reason why the original purchaser of that xenyx mixer sent it back to the retailer and why it's now a "b-stock". Did he get one of those "poor quality ones"?

I've never heard of multimix. Is that a DJ brand? If so, my opinion of it is low. I may be biased, but to me, pro-audio stuff is better than DJ stuff.