Which kit to use live?


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Hey DW people,

Got a new band going with shows already booked, having fun playing music again after a really tragic 2011 in my life. The band is a prog/rock/alt mix along the lines of tool and aic.

My problem is that I have 3 kits to use and absolutely cannot decide as they are all different woods, brands, sizes etc...All venues I will be playing in have nice PA systems and decent sound guys, all drums will be mic'd.
I spent several hours last nite trying different kits, hardware, and configs with no luck.
I would love to take my double bass kit with 10 cymbals and 5 toms but its going to limit stage access and set up times, although it would be the most fun.

I am just curious what you all would do in this type situation. Here are my choices.

-DW Collectors Maple 6pc with 8,10,12,14,22. This kit look stunning under lights and has a punchy sound.

-Tama Starclassic BB 10,12,16,22. This kit is deep and powerful, and takes up less space. The kit is Indigo Burst Burl with exotic veneer.

-Crush Sublime Bubinga 8"-18" toms 22" bass. With this kit I can choose about any tom size and setup with larger floor toms for a powerful low end. this kit is dark purple sparkle and also looks great on stage.

I will be using a rack and Paiste cymbals with the kits of choice. The only kit of the bunch I have not gigged with are the Tamas.

Any ideas/suggestions? Thanks for any input and have a great V-day!


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I would choose depending on what kind of music you are playing, and choosing the kit that had those sizes. Beyond that, I would simply choose the kit that feels the best, and makes you feel the best... the one that you will still love listening to at the end of the tour because it resonates in your heart and soul, not just your ears. Good luck with your tour.
From the perspective of a cranky old man, I'd say take only what you think you will need. They are all wonderful kits, so pick the prettiest first, then rotate through all of them until you've received a clear majority of, "Those drums sound awesome!" comments about one kit, then use that one regularly. Or just mail the least two pretty kits to me. I don't have a problem with indecision. :)


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Sounds to me like you need to flip two coins to determine which two kits to sell. Problem solved!


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Thanks for the input guys...Time to go home and do some drum kit surgery, and install a kickport I picked up today on the Starclassic. I am skeptical about the thing but whorth a shot I guess.


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Just an FYI...I installed a kickport on my 22" starclassic bass drum last night and turns out these things really work! I used the stock tama head, cut the hole and slapped on a new gmad batter and it sounds like a subwoofer in a way, and brought out the fundamental tone.