Which Kit to use for recording??


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Hello fellow drummers I'm in a bit of a flux.
I am hitting the studio here in a week and have 2 kits to decide from which to use.
First off the style of music is good old rock 4 on the floor hard hitting rock.
The 2 kits I have are
1) Sonor S Classix 24,12, 14 16 floor.
I love this kit and have recorded with it before and it's a great sounding kit.
2)Vintage 3 ply 1967 Ludwigs 22, 13, 16.
I love this kit it has tons of mojo and a sound all it's own (have never recorded with it, but when I play live with it it has huge sound)

So advice would be great go with what I know or try something new.
I would try both kits, but only have the studio for the day for drums, due to finance reasons and time I really can't bring set up and mic both kits..

Thanks so much for your advice.


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Do you know what each kit sounds like when miced up? Base your decision on that.

Or flip a coin.

If you have the opportunity, mic of each kit and record to see what each sounds like. Then you can make these decisions easier.