Which is better at selling a drum set? Ebay or Reverb?


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I've had zero luck selling my 3-piece Pork Pie USA on consignment, FB Marketplace, or Craigslist.

Getting ready to list the shell pack on either Ebay or Reverb.

I've never sold a drum set on either. Which is better in your opinion?


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I'm not familiar with buying or selling on Reverb. Looked at many an item. Can't speak to their "quality". Ebay is a huge marketplace. Regardless of what site you sell it through, YOU are going to have to ship it. Or, trust a UPS store to package it. I'm not sure why you wouldn't go ahead and list it on both anyway.

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I've had good experiences over the years selling instruments on eBay, but I have recently experienced trouble with eBay siding with problematic buyers. Recently I had two issues with problematic sellers and I expected eBay to side with me. They didn't. They sided with the sellers.

I've been buying gear on Reverb now for several years without issue. I just sold a piece of gear on Reverb and it was a very smooth transaction. That item sold in less than three hours after I posted. I now prefer Reverb as my "go to" for both buying and selling equipment.


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I've never sold on Reverb, but it's certainly established in the used music gear market. eBay, for sure, is tried and true. eBay fees are what most people complain about. eBay takes 10%. PayPal takes 3% (or thereabouts). Knowing that ..... I have no problem selling on eBay.

Craigslist, around here, can really be a clown show. All cats wanna do is low-ball you on drum gear. And I know a lot of them are just gonna turn it around and sell it on eBay. So I won't sell on Craigalist. I'd rather list an item on eBay as "local pick-up only" .... rather than do CL.

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I find the clientele, ease of listing, seller fees, and overall experience of Reverb a little better than eBay.


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Reverb is quite a bit better (and more musician oriented to boot), however it'll be your responsibility to calculate shipping costs. eBay is a little more comprehensive when it comes to that.


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Thanks for posting this question. I was just about to ask the same thing, as I have a number of items to sell.
and thanks for the folks replying.


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I don't like ebay but it's still my go to place for selling stuff. I'll be reading this thread to see how people like Reverb. I used it for the first time this past weekend to purchase a snare. For a complete set I don't know if I'd want the trouble of shipping so I'd probably keep going lower on craigslist and facebook until it was sold, or so low I wouldn't want to part with it.

For big ticket items I go to ebay and search all completed/sold items that are the same or similar and base my local price off of that. I'm generally okay with going 20% below the average ebay price in order to sell locally.

Maybe you'll have better luck selling if you take that ugly throne out of the picture? :) Just Kidding. :)
Reverb has a "local pickup only" option, doesn't it? I'm sure I've seen that. That obviously narrows the number of possible buyers tremendously, but you won't have to worry about calculating and then actually shipping.

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Local Pickup is an option with Reverb, but is not as simple as the Local Pickup option on eBay. But it does not work on Reverb if transaction is paid for by PayPal or Affirm financing. Otherwise it is an option on Reverb if the buyer doesn't mind jumping through a few hoops.



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Good to hear the positive comments for Reverb. I had a similar experience as Vintage Old School. Sold over 16,000 items on eBay, though I only received feedback for half and maintained a 100% seller rating from day 1. Had a buyer with sketchy reviews bid (I usually canceled them) before the item closed. The second the buyer received the item, they started to demand a full refund making up all kinds of BS about misrepresentation, add alterations and other outlandish accusations. Thought eBay would take my side, given my and the buyer's history, but far from it. They took the buyer's side, refunded the payment, changed me the selling fees, then when I pitched a fit about it, they closed my account. I got my account reopened eventually, but I'll be damned, if I give them 1 more penny of business if I have any other options. I never got to experience getting screwed as buyer. I just stopped dealing with them unless it's something I just can't find any place else.

I've been dealing with the flakes on CL, and taking my chances with the grossly misrepresented items from GC's used inventory. I've learned eBay's guarantees only guarantee them bigger dollars. We have no rights, no one to talk to and certainly no one who actually gives a damn when there's an issue. If Reverb does better, and it sounds as though they do, then they can have my business the next time I need to sell or buy something.


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I have to be honest, I sell all my stuff on eBay. I use reverb as a alternative when I can't find drum parts on eBay. Both seem pretty straight forward when selling or buying.
I bought on Reverb and was not disappointed. I'm sure if you sold on Reverb, it would be just the same as eBay. Like the person said above, list them on both for double the exposure, i've seen people do that. It's a awesome looking drum kit, i'm sure you won't have a problem selling it.


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Reverb, without question.
But why exactly?

Is it the larger fee that Ebay takes? Conflict resolution and customer service?

Also, there seems to be a distinction between BUYING and SELLING on these platforms. Is it mostly sellers that do the complaining?

I've bought plenty of things on Ebay and had no problems. I've never sold anything on Ebay though.


EDIT: This kinda answers the question.
I find the clientele, ease of listing, seller fees, and overall experience of Reverb a little better than eBay.
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