Which forums have you stopped visiting/contributing?

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I have no social media accounts. I think it was 2015 I dropped FB, and Twitter is a pathology I knew enough not to join from the outset.

I lurk at more forums than I participate, and that's mostly due to what I find to be intolerable amounts of angry ignorance, neurosis and poor moderation. Mostly the last, because if that were better there'd be less of the first two.


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I stopped Facebook a couple of years ago and don't miss it. in terms of contacting venues my Messenger is still active, in terms of publicising and finding gigs I leave that to the band members with Facebook.
I used to use mikedolbear.com as my primary drum forum for many years. The format changed to a new platform, many longstanding members couldn't get back onto it and a perfect storm seemed to happen whereby the end result was that it never got back of the ground and it withered and died with only a couple of dozen posts on it, a sad end to the UKs premier drum site. Last time I tried to log on it had disappeared and I believe the community lives on on Facebook now.
There was a local music forum I joined in 2006, initially it was so fast moving that you could spend hours posting and chatting in multiple threads. It slowed down over the years and the last time I checked in there hadn't been a post made in about 6 months.
I have a LinkedIn profile, every time my job is under threat from redundancy I get on it and update my status. Once the threat passes or I get another job I leave it alone again. Of all the big social media forums I rate this the lowest as it promotes itself as "The Answer" to finding a job and it makes people who are desperate for employment all hail the algorithm. My experience has been that it's been useless to me and my job opportunities still come from the "old fashioned" way of applying directly to companies, sending them a CV and working with recruitment agencies. What's worse is that companies whose jobs I have applied for on there routinely don't acknowledge or reply to applicants.


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I use to post on a local paper online forum. I got banned for having too much fun- ROFL. So I stayed away a year or so and adopted a new personality-Bizarro. Then my fun meter over flowed . I had a following as Bizarro- everyone loved Bizarro.
It was an interesting forum with different sections. Politics, local stuff, And it had a religious section but it was dominated by bullying atheist who persecuted the faithful. It got so it took up to much time monitoring they dropped it.


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I stopped going to DFO a year or two ago. The owner and the mods are on one end of the political spectrum and they refuse to acknowledge when users on “their team” break the no-politics no-religion rules. It’s too bad because they have the most old guys with deep historical knowledge of drum details, like if you want to know what size of washers were original to a Latvian drum from 1958, someone there will know. But those same old guys are very racist and pig headed about their politics.

I left Facebook years ago, it is just awful how it programs people. I honestly think FB has a lot of responsibility for the terrible state of the world today.


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I've had bad luck on computer nerds forums, these people are often nasty and mean.

In my case, being on a forum for a long time is a matter of not engaging people in conflicting discussions... that's about it for me.

A forum with a friendly administration is very important too, thanks to this administration here on DW, probably the most respectful of ideas I've seen so far.


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This forum only. My disdain for antisocial media is well established here and no other forum is worth my time. I used to belong to a golf technicians forum, but it's a cesspool of dipshittery coated with some seditionist overtones that I cannot be associated with in a professional capacity.


I was a part of a commercial lawnmower forum on Facebook when I first got my mower last year. Never in my life have I seen such a huge pi$$ing contest in my life. No one ever answered my questions (which were fairly simple), and everyone was comparing their "fleet" of zero-turn mowers with everyone else and showing their pics of striped yards. What a crummy little group of people.

I got banned from a forum because of what the mod and I considered "religious" discussion. He was also very strict about not posted links to any other website that sold anything, so if there was a killer sale on XYZ, no one could share it. I couldn't follow his rules, so I bowed out and then he banned me before I could get email addresses from friends I had made on there.

Yes I can relate wholeheartedly. My first threat of a ban came from simply mentioning I was a member of the drummerworld forum lol, they apparently consider a drum forum 'competition' for a shaving hobbyist forum. The owner of the forum told me they can't ban me for that and to let him know what mods said that so I sent him a PM with the mod names and he threatened to ban me for 'tattling on mods'. My second threat of a ban came from a self-edited use of the F word. I used something like @#$ to replace the U, C, & K and they told me that I did not edit it, their forum editing software 'caught' my prohibited word, and that I lied about editing it myself to not get banned lol. I had to write a 2 paragraph long apology letter to the mod for that one. The final nail in the coffin that actually resulted in a formal ban was 'too many mod contacts' meaning 10+... Well outside of the above situations my other mod contacts were positive, like compliments or friendly conversations, or little admin things like password reset. Well, when they grew tired of me they used those as 'negative contacts' to ban me lol.


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I've basically stopped using pearl drummers forum. It's worse than dead, it's just the same 5 people posting "double kick or nothing" like it's 1986. It's a shame, it was a fun place.


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Badger & blade
It wasn't voluntary as I was banned, and not for anything that any sane and/or rational person would ever kick someone off a forum for, but I was already mentally moving on from that toxic environment when it happened.

I too was banned from Badger & Blade. I was also banned from The Shaving Cadre as well as DrumForum.org. Lately I've been visiting all of the forums I belong to much less. I actually feel better having cut back. I was defnitely spending too much time on forums in general.


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This is the best place in the world to talk drums. It's the people that make it this way. I'm just glad y'all let me stay.
I tried to leave drummer world once...woke up the next morning with drum heads in my bed that were cut off my drums...

Never gonna try that again.


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This is my only drum/music forum. Since selling my Roland VDrums I no longer visit those forums.
I have joined and quit a few flight sim forums and gun forums over the years since 2001, and still hold membership and contribute to about 3 of each of those.
No facebook, twitter, or any of that rubbish.


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Pearl Drum Forum - I joined in 2003, stopped visiting about 8 years ago.
Drumsmith - There was a lot of knowledge there but certain administrators drove people away.
Facebook - I've been off it for 8 months. I just lurk sometimes

I joined this forum in 2015 but I wan't active. I've only recently gotten active and I've enjoyed it. It's well balanced and I even see some PDF people here.

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I used to be a moderator at the rawpaleodietforum. Certain political things caused them to remove me as moderator about 5 years ago, and I took it as a chance to leave altogether.


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havent used pearl drummers forum in a hot minute, or very many social media sites TBF.

i still use twitter and instagram for keeping in touch with some friends and posting about my musical activities, but i dont use facebook at all any more.

i used to use a forum called onlinedrummer but havent visited since they shut the forum side of it down. im also on a website called MeWe which is similar to FB but less restrictive and more user-focused, but not many of my friends are on there.