Which foot pedal wears out the bottom of your footwear the most?


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Hi hats pedals? Bass drum pedals? Aux pedals? A specific brand or material? Do you think your playing style has something to do with it? Do people see the bottoms of your footwear and wonder what you do with them?

Both hi hat and bass drum pedal are bare metal, so there isn't much noticeable wear and tear on the bottom. However, the toes of my right shoe are worn more than the left because I have size 13's and hit the chain a lot.

Anthony Amodeo

I have never in my life heard of any pedal having any affect whatsoever on footwear

and no matter how big your foot is ....it should never rub the chain

Big Foot

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Are you wearing those paper slippers you'd find at the doctors office?

Only a lifetime of skateboarding (still going at 48) has ever been a problem for my shoes.


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I'm sorry I like to have my heel on the heel plate and not on the floor or suspended in air.
What brand of pedal are you using?

I've never heard of a pedal wearing down shoe tread either. But if that is an issue, maybe switch to a different pedal? Perhaps one with a longer foortboard? I think the Mapex ones were pretty long. I'm sure there are others but I'm not really up on all the pedals out there.


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What brand of pedal are you using?
Pearl P - 102(?) hi hats, DW5000 and Pearl P - 100 bass drum pedals.

Notice how I am talking about toes of shoes being warn. I have lots of scuffs and a bigger scratch on my right dress shoe that I wear for dressy performances on drum set.

Once in a while i scratch my shoe moving stands, but the majority of the time I scratch the toe on the back of the cam or physical contact with the chain.


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I always play bare foot or with socks, so I never have this problem c:
For years I played only in socks, and I wore out dozens of pairs on my pedals.

Even in shoes, there’s definitely wear and tear caused by pedals. I wouldn’t buy any pedal that had an obvious deep and/or sharp texture to its foot plate.

I’m picking nits here. In general it’s not much of an issue.