Which drumsticks work best with electronic drums?


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I am new to e drumming, and ordered an Alesis dm10x mesh kit that will be arriving soon.

I am wondering, is there a certain type of stick that works better with electronic drums, for bounce etc.?

What sticks would you recommend for my dm10x mesh kit?


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Any kind, really. When I used to play a e-kit, I used hickory 7A's. I didn't care who manufactured them be cause they last a really looooooooooong time with an e-kit.

Stick to wood tips though, because nylon tipped drum sticks will eventually lose the nylon tip, and you don't want to use the stick with out it.


Definitely go with nylon tips. 8+ years playing my TD-12 and I have never had the tip come off. Wood tips are far more likely to splinter/crack and potentially damage a mesh head.
It's best to use nylon sticks for two reasons:
Mesh is quite abrasive and if you look inside drums after a while, you'll see sawdust if you use wood tips.
Secondly, if the wood splinters or has any jagged bits, it's liable to damage the mesh heads.
Finally, even if you use nylon, it's worth checking the tips from time to time to make sure that there are now burrs or sharp bits on them,


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The best drumsticks for electronic kits HANDS DOWN are the Zildjian Anti-Vibe series with nylon tips!

The Anti-Vibe sticks are hickory with a special insert within the sticks that acts as a shock absorber. This helps to reduce the vibrations of your stick that would otherwise damage it. I've also noticed that these sticks are much easier on the hands. With other sticks I get blisters after a long session, but with the anti-vibes I stopped getting blisters!

If you have all mesh pads, then I suppose any nylon tip stick will work. The anti-vibe feature nullifies the vibrations from hitting harder surfaces like rubber pads, cymbal pads, and acoustic drums/cymbals.