Which drums VSTs you know have Overheads sound


Which drums VSTs you know have Overheads sound

also how important is to have the overhead sound? does it make drums more realistic?


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It does very much. Close-micing alone sounds bad, but in combination with overheads it gives a perfect impression of the drums with a full tone.

VST/Samples probably don't separate the two but just give the end result, with lots of choices.


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Addictive Drums, Modo Drum, Abbey Road Drummers all have one. Personally I prefer the close mics augmenting the overhead, which provides more of the overall sound.

Odd-Arne Oseberg

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Unless you're doing something weird, overheads + BD is 99% of the sound.

Close mics are for small tweaks in attack and tone of each drum. You can do a lot with them and placement plays a huge part in some cases, but still, for a natural acoustic drum sound they're the smallest part of the puzzle.

With clever placement you don't even need a BD mic for acoustic jazz stuff and things like that.