Which drums to choose?


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You can find great deals on Ludwig Keystone X kits for that price.

Oak brings out this incredibly modern tone from USA made kits.

Al Strange

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Yes, it's stunning! Getting the Imperial Star back in 1983 taught me the important life lesson that having the same gear as your idols doesn't make you play like them : ) I sort of fancy the Benny Greb snare though...
Yes, that does look a top piece of kit!! (y) :)


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Thanks friends! I purchased Mapex Armory 6-piece ;). Unfortunately, it turned out there is no free shipping (I bought there Roadshow and had free shipping). I would have one more question. What hardware would you buy? Mapex HP8005 or HP6005? I decided to choose Paiste Pst7 cymbals.
Good choice, every single armory or Saturn kit I have sat down and played at the gc have sounded incredible. I have owned everything from gretch to sonor designers to the Japanese TAMA star classic maple and Ludwig super classic and I can honestly say that the mapex more than hold their own.


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From the synopsis of another DW thread it doesn’t really matter of your choices - or any other drum kit you could add. “ It’s all in the head”. Boy they got that right LOL.