Which Cymbals to add for my Rolands ??


Hi Everyone. I will be getting my new kit RolandsTD9KX2 sometime on Tuesday. It comes with the 12 crash and 13 crash/ ride.I want to add a 3rd cymbal to my rigth side of the kit.I'd like it to be a large crash / ride cymbals. Which Rolands cymbal do I need to buy ?? I really have no idea because this is my 1st Electronic kit after 47 years of playing. I said I never buy one but now being retried and playing @ home alot driving the wife crazy like I did for 40 years I think it's about time. Any help would be great. Thanks again and God Bless.


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The Roland CY-12C and CY-14C are both dual-zone cymbals(bow, edge), made to be used as a crash, and both will work with your TD-9.

The Roland CY-15R and CY-13R are both three-zone cymbals(bow, bell, edge), and made to be used as a ride. However, they need 2 cables to make all three sounds. The CY-13R yours comes with will have 2 cables for it, but you won't be able to add another three-zone cymbal. You could still buy another one and only plug one cable into it, but it would only be dual-zone like the crash and hi-hat cymbals yours will come with, so it would be a little pointless since these two are more expensive.

There's also the CY-12R/C that can be used as a three-zone ride(but would require 2 cables) or a dual-zone crash(one cable).

Any of those 5 cymbals will work just fine, I just wanted to explain the differences, and to make sure you know that if you buy another three-zone cymbal, you'll only be able to use two of the zones. There are also two cheaper cymbals, the CY-8 and CY-5, but I wouldn't recommend getting those.

The number in the model name indicates the diameter in inches. So the CY-14C is 14". Look on ebay for some used ones. The easiest and cheapest one to get would be the CY-12R/C, and I think that's just because there's more of them around, but they aren't any lower quality than the others.