Where to buy drum parts in the UK


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Ok so I have been re-finishing drums for a while now, and feel like it's tike to embark on a build from (almost) scratch. I want to start with a snare shell that has been drilled and edged, and finish, add hardware etc until I have something of my own. I know I want a trick throw off (which I've found new on eBay) and die cast hoops.

What I want to know is the name of a website that stocks loads of good stuff for good money. I really want flat black hardware, but can't find the hoops anywhere!

Please post links to any good parts suppliers for me!

Muchos gracias!


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was just randomly searching around for some hoops and came across this site www.tikidrums.com

Not sure if they are any good but seem to have a good selection of products.

Failing that try someone like Guru or Highwood maybe ask them where they source their parts? I don't think that's too cheeky to ask is it?

Thirdly you could just try going through a drum store?


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I had seen both of those websites, but was wondering if there was anything more 'wholesale' and comprehensive? Cheers!
ST Drums in Germany have a good service here in the UK, the shipping is incredibly fast and reasonably priced. I have bought a lot of parts from them in the past; their service is great and the come highly reccomended by myself and many others :)