Where is Colin Bailey?


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Hello Folks

Number Seven on my Desert Island Discs is the Vince Guaraldi Trio's Cast Your Fate to The Wind with Colin Bailey on the drums (he's also on my list of drummers I'd like to be able to sound like - at least a little - someday).

Does anybody out there know of any videos with Colin on the drums?

Thanks in advance.

All the best.

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Nice add - happy to see a great player get his due.

Those who are not familar with his playing should check out his work with Vince Guaraldi in the early 1960s; classic stuff.

I have all of his bass drum control materials (books and DVDs) and they are huge enablers to building foot speed and control, esp. for heel down. The first two pages of bass drum control are worth the price of admission alone.

Jeremy Bender

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Thanks so much for this Bernhard!
ex. No. 10 is one of the coolest things I've heard in a long time. His playing is so clean and even.


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Not sure how old he was when those video's where shot, but he is 80 now and I guess the can still play those excercises. An inspiration!


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He's mostly retired, but he does teach some, at least the last time I heard. When I lived in Dallas in the late 80's, I took a few lessons in his home. Very nice man and incredible musician.

At the time, he lived between Dallas and Denton. I used to occasionally see him play with various folks coming through town playing at the now defunct Caravan of Dreams jazz club in Ft. Worth.

If he's still playing at all, I'm sure he could humble most anybody on this web site with his tasty playing. FYI, he was Benny Goodman's last handpicked drummer.