Where do you play?


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As a working musician, I am always excited about what to play next. Out of curiosity, I want to see where you all play. Is it at Church? Cruise ships? Other artists? Share it!

I'll start. I play at a music/comedy theater that, musically, covers tunes from the 50's to the present. I got the gig at the beginning of the year and really love it. You really learn discipline from something like this. I play at my Church on Sunday's, as well, and have been since I was about 12 or 13.

I'd like to hear your musical story!


"Uncle Larry"
I play in 2 bar bands, and get called for various fill in/sub gigs, one off gigs, and once in a while recording sessions.
I rehearse w/ the 2 bands on a fairly regular basis


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I play in church regularly. I guess the music is comparable to rock and Top 40 pop. If you know contemporary Christian music it's stuff like Third Day, Chris Tomlin, David Crowder, Hillsongs, Lincoln Brewster, etc.
I also play with a band that mostly does 60s/70s rock and Motown like Beatles, Eagles, and Sam & Dave. We mostly just get together and jam about once a month, but we play private parties a few times a year.


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i'm currently in a cover band that plays local bars and clubs. we play mostly classic rock and blues with a few originals. prior to that i was in an original band that played mostly clubs, concerts, and local festivals.

jon e rotten

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Bars and Clubs and the occasional festival. Mostly wherever alcohol is served.

I think my current band is down to one original song......All covers all the time.


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Played many regional places (Pine Knob, Detroit/Chevy Amphitheatre - Pittsburgh/Nautica Stage- Cleveland) as well as many smaller clubs and bars. I'll play wherever they pay me to play and some places we play free for publicity - it's all good in my mind. The biggest thrill is to have roadies (bigger venues) that unload all your stuff and load it at the end of the night. One of the nicer things the bigger venues offer is the inclusion of our 'rider' with our contract so that we can pick and choose some things that we cant get at clubs (private trailers/catering, etc.) We are primarily a 70s-80s cover band but we do have some originals... I love playing...it allows me a creative outlet.



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Right now, just in my music room. I have been back at it a while now after a 12 year break and I'm almost ready to start gigging. I'm very excited to start playing in public again.


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well.. i had a gig last night.. our band (surprise,surprise) practices in the garage of one of the band members... but we played a gig last night @ a small stage but had over 100 people attending.. starting small and moving from then on to bigger things... :)
i also play @ church, in youth group, and in school.
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Theatres, outdoor stages, weddings, corporate events, taverns/pubs, house parties, retirement centers, concert halls, recording studios...whatever pays well enough or seems worth it, basically.

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Lots of studios.. Some of them home studios, some of them pro.

As far as live, Bars, Clubs, Concert Halls, Theatres, Banquet Halls and once and a blue moon I will get to play a stadium or arena...