Where do you live / where have you lived?

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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

nice place, but montreal is the place to be
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Im from a very disturbing place....a little town in Ireland called "Dundalk"....dundalk is situated right on the border between north and south Ireland(I presume most of you know about the troubles we had over here for years?),therefore Dundalk is full of IRA people....very republican,and closed-minded people who give birth to narrow-minded,violent children,who are now my age and seem to attack me and friends who are "freaks"(we wear t-shirts saying such foreign things as "Nirvana","Led Zeppelin","Pixies" and "Thin Lizzy"oooooooh we must be total freaks...."nyah cut yer hair ya freeeeeek") like me.....Dundalk has been described,in a recent publication of a lonely planet travel guide(and there was total outrage over this)as "a charmless town"...god what an understatement!!!if i was writing that i wud have said "God stay away from here,its a total scumhole....."

thats why i hope that as soon as i leave university i can go an live in Germany...a beautiful,crazy,brilliant country......Berlin is one of the greatest places on this planet!!!

Ich liebe desutschland!und ich finde dundalk,und Irland sehr-schlecht....ich muss gehe zu studieren meinem deutsche.....ich sprache deutsch nicht so gut....?!
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Hey im live in Bombay , India. i've lived here all my life. Nice place to be although there aren't any guitar centre's around . :)
im moving to LA where im gonna start going to Musicians institute in march.
Anyone from LA?
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Bernhard said:
Moi j'habite aussi en Suisse - a Bâle - plus précisement a Riehen. Pas trés loin, n'est-ce pas? Peutêtre 60 kilometres? La monde est devenue très petite....

Oui, oui, passe compose!
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I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
In San Isidro, which is part of the suburbs.


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Capitaine Quebec said:
I dare you to guess where i am from???
still dont know???
Quebec City!!!
Province of Quebec in Canada, where the poutine is the king!

heureux de voir que plusieurs personnes parlent francais, cette langue n'est si désuette apres tout! Je vis en banlieu de la ville de Quebec (St-Emile)
Vive le Quebec libre!
Mais il y a beaucoup de travail a faire avec la société... mais c'est un autre sujet!

Anyway, this town is great, downtown is really cool, but the bus service sucks so bad!

A great place to visit!

Désuette ? Snif...

In the suburbs of paris, my town is called "Jouy-le-Moutier"
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Buchholz, Germany. Just a little south of Hamburg in the beautiful "Lüneburger Heide", about 10 km away from Tötensen, where the (in)famous "Dieter Bohlen" lives, in case you know him. :)
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Well my name is Gd im from Shippagan(new brunswick) Canada...a little town in the North east Canada.
Content de voir qu'il y a aussi bc de francais sur se site c tres interesesan de partager notre passion come sa!
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Frisco, TX USA
Just outside of Dallas.
Upper middle class suburbia
[my dad makes 140K a year and is under the city's median income. yeah, there are a lot of spoiled rich kids.....]
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Au Québec sti!
I live in a very small city of Lanaudiere (Quebec).
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I live in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine...