Where do you live / where have you lived?


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Re: Where do you live?

At the moment, I live in Dalian, in the NE province of Liaoning, China. Looks like I'll be returning to the U.S. in the near future, though. I'll probably be going to Eugene, Oregon.
Anyone know much about the Eugene (music) Sene?


Re: Where do you live?

Spud Kelly said:
Westminster, Massachusetts........about 45 miles west of Boston.

Hey Spud. My grandmother lives in Westminster. I live not that far away in Templeton, right over the Gardner line.


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Re: Where do you live?

Rochester, New York (Upstate) About 60 miles East of Buffalo, and approx. 400 miles West of New York City. Rochester-home of Eastman Kodak Co. (film, cameras,etc), and the famous Eastman School of Music. Cold snowy Winters, mild Spring, Summer and Fall.


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Re: Where do you live?

This is COOL!!!
There are DRUMMERS from all around the world here.
Great Site Bernhard!
I'm in Salt Lake City, Utah


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Re: Where do you live?

I live in Montreal, Quebec (francophone province in Canada)
It's nice to see drummers from arround the globe sharing their passion with each other!!!


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Re: Where do you live?

I'm all the way from a city called Palmerston North in the most rocking country in the world - New Zealand! far, this is sum kick ass site! drummers from all over the world! this is the kick ass thing about being a drummer, we all actually chat about our instrument and stuff.


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I live in Charleroi in Belgium.

it's a little country located between France, Germany and Nethelrans.
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fort william...scottish highlands...i look out my front window and there is ben nevis right in front of me (highest mountain in britain)...forty miles north is loch ness..havent seen the monster yet..keep u posted on that one....originally from glasgow,and hopefully moving to dublin next year..if any of you guys have seen (braveheart) then fort william is where they shot the film.....slainte!! (cheers in scottish) pronounced slanje...regards..gary


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Re: Where do you live?

Here's a new one BELGIUM
The coutnry is okay. The problem is it takes amamzing waiting times to order drums stuff.

A year ago I ordered a cheaper stagg pad, after a month the store told me it was going to arrive in 8months for a friggin practice pad !
I just bought a more expensive vic firth...


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Re: Where do you live?

New Hampshire, USA.

About 10 minutes from the Atlantic
45 minutes from Boston
5 hours from Montreal
and 8 hours from NYC.
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