Where do you live / where have you lived?

Allright, I'll play even though only one or two people here might know of these places...

Born in Sarpsborg, south east of Norway (1984)
Moved to Ytre Enebakk, one hour further north (1987)
Moved to Arguineguin, Gran Canaria (Canary Islands, Spain) when I was 12 years old (1997)
Moved to Fredrikstad, south east of Norway when I turned 18 (2002)
Moved to Tomter, one hour north of Fredrikstad (2003)
Lived 6 months with a new girlfriend (now my wife) in Moss, a bit further south in Norway (2009),
then moved back to Tomter in 2010, where I still live (and work) today.
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Born in Chicago, spent my early childhood in Phoenix, and have lived in Los Angeles since 1968.
Born in Lincoln
Moved to Leicestershire (home of Premier drums!)
Moved to Bourne, Lincolnshire (got my first pair of drum sticks!)
Moved to Lytham St Annes (got my first drum kit!)
Moved to Newport, Shropshire
Moved to Rotherham
Moved to Nottingham in 1996
Born in Des Moines, IA
Lived in Orange County (just south of Los Angles) from age 8 about 25
Then lived in North Hollywood, CA (just north of LA) from 25 to about 50
Moved to Brentwood, CA (1.5 hours east of San Francisco) for almost 15 years - for personal reasons, never actually worked up there - most all of my associates and contacts in LA never even knew I had moved. :)

And now since 2018, I've been living in San Marcos, CA (30 minutes north of San Diego and about 15 minutes from the beach)

For the past 20 years - at lease - my work has primarily consisted of touring (not so much now) and recording at home - so having access to an airport and internet access have been the primary requirements. But for the 30 years prior to that - being in or near, a major music metropolis (like Los Angeles) was absolutely essential. 99% of the opportunities and work I enjoyed were directly tied to being there, available, part of that scene... that physical location.
Sykkylven, Norway
Gjøvik, Norway
Trondheim, Norway
Clearwater, Florida
Malmö, Sweden
Oslo, Norway
Kristiansand, Norway
Kvinnherad, Norway
Årdal, Norway
Tynset, Norway
Måløy, Norway

Currently registered back home in Sykkylven, but to say I live here would be a stretch. It's more of a vanlife with a bunch of outdoor toys type situation.
Born and raised in Worcester, MA, 40 miles west of Boston. I did find a "drum buddy" that's on the Forum that lives in the next town over, Millbury, MA only 15 minutes away from me.

Anyone else from Worcester? Or nearby?
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Is this a joke? Whole bunch of Norway with 1 Florida snuck in there is kind of amusing.

I live here:
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No one knows where this is until I tell them. I like it like that.
pft. I live here and everyone knows.


been in Columbus, Ohio all of my life....

grew up 2 miles north of Ohio State's campus in Clintonville and now live in Dublin