Where do you keep your drumset set up?


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thanks for the link - checked it out....some good shots, but I want MORE.

Love the pedal/trash can/practice pad combination.

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it is a similar post...but I am looking for more pics of "home" only shots more than anything.

I know lots of guys have "studios" at home, and that's awesome - but I also know space is at a premium...and some of those kits were awesome!!! The pedal on the trash can with a practice pad??? Genius.

So yeah, I am hoping for more pics.

thanks for the link.



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We have 2 bedrooms upstairs, so one gets to be the music room. Theoretically, I'll get all of my gear set up so that I can play, record, or do whatever with any instrument I want.

For now, though, I've just got drums set up in there... :)



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I keep one in the garage, One in my rehersal studio. One at my bassist's house and usually one packed up in the backseat of my truck, ready to gig with.


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I keep mine in the downstairs room of my raised ranch type home. They are near the back door for easy moving. I also have room for people to play with me there.


My main kit that i record with and gig with is at my bassists house where we record and rehearse. My other two kits are setup in an downstairs bedroom that i know call the drum room. It has three kits in it. One is my dad's, and one of the two that are mine is a 10 piece set up for my heavy metal playing, and the other one is a 4 piece set up for my jazz, and mellower playing.


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Mine is set up in a homemade music room it's a stripped out caravan to the thread WISDOM WOODSHEDS and you will find pics there