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Grant drum line gets surprise of a lifetime in Hollywood
Lured to Hollywood with the ruse of playing a private party for Robin Roberts, the Grant drum line gets a huge surprise.

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Sacramento - ...Grant High is one the worst performing schools in Sacramento....

[E]asy for young adults to get into trouble. That's where the drum line and...instructor, James Van Buren, come in.

"The kids that I'm with 24/7, I love them all, none more than the other," said Van Buren, affectionately known as Mr. V. "I'm very protective of them."

"A lot of gang members come out here, they sell drugs; but as the drum line, we protect ourselves, we look for each other," said senior Tevin Lee, a snare and quad player.

"Realistically, they sleep on this floor," said Van Buren, "There's times that I'm doing some stuff, they'll say. 'I don't want to go home', and they'll fall asleep right here."

For some, it's a safe place, ...for others it's an incentive...to stay out of trouble [and] keep their grades up....

They've been invited to play at next year's Independence Day Parade in Washington D.C.

They were trying to raise...money to go -- until Good Morning America's Robin Roberts found out and asked them to play a private party in Hollywood.

It was just a ruse.... Instead, the group was dropped off at the Jimmy Kimmel Live studio, and given the biggest surprise of their lives.

The kids...were part of an elaborate surprise, to bring Van Buren on the set of Jimmy Kimmel while taping for an ABC special called, "Thank You, America!"

Marriott International heard the drumline's inspiring story and...will...provide all the hotel rooms for the group's trip to Washington D.C. next year, they also gave them...$20,000...to help with transportation costs.

Community Chevrolet, in Burbank [gave the group] a brand new Chevy Equinox....

How to Help

[T]he group is still short of the money needed for their trip to Washington D.C. If you'd like to help, please donate at the group's YouCaring page.

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