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Usually at home at my desk. I rent a single room that accomodates my bed, desk, drumkit and a couch - basically all I need for myself and one or two visitors. I share a kitchen and bathroom with 3 others. All because I am still studying at university... but I am getting more and more anxious to finish up the study programme, get a job, make some money and get a place of my own. I'm tired of having to wrestle through empty pizza boxes when I come home.


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Is it crude to ask for pictures?.....you know of the room....or maybe the lesbians.....or maybe the lesbians in the room....whatever
No, that's not crude, it's mandatory!!!

I'm afraid my location is very boring by comparison to the dungeon. Damn that sounds great!

I'm in a loft room above my garage. I use this room as my works office and drum room. Currently two kits set up in here so easy to go and knock out a groove or two if I have a few minutes spare in the day. Looking out of my window, I see the Golden Valley unfold in front of me and "Cedric", the 30ft high dragon carving in front of my house.


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Pics from the cell


Cage (there's a sawhorse in it right now for storage)



I'm lucky in the respect that both of them are very musically inclined. One went through a local university in percussion and taught marching band to cadets, the other is an accomplished jazz sax player and can improvise like crazy, so it's not often I have a question that doesn't get answered.


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This is great. Thanks everyone for chipping in, and a SPECIAL thanks to Nickropolis.
Next we need pics of lesbian roommates in the shackles, or other amusing restraint devices. You still have the best post, but pictures are boring without people, dontcha know....


Downstairs on the desktop drinking coffee with my legs up on the desk and keyboard in my lap. Sitting next to the pool table, big screen ,and Roland kit.


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Usually on my computer during the day (during work), or at home at any given time....but I'd love to have this mobile.

A great time to bring it up...

I'm a Blackberry abuser and use this app called BerryBlab...for forums. This forum is not on the list of forums that can be used (yet) because the webmaster would have to install the app from berryblab.com...which is free.

I know I'd love to have DW forums available at any time and I figure there are a lot of people who use BB's and would probably enjoy the convienince of having Drummerworld forums on their BB's without having to navigate through the explorers.

I tried to send the idea via PM to Dogbreath to see if it could be brought to the right person on "that" side of the forum....never heard anything back.

Anyone know who I can PM to get the idea across?

Anyone else use a BB and would like to see DW on BerryBlab?
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This is the garage sale where I sold my Rogers for a song to free up space, having not played for eight years. Chloe (friend's daughter) is really looking the goods on the kit.

I will always regret selling that kit for next to nothing.



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Ouch, with a dynasonic and all...What were you thinking?
Those kids are so cute though.
Tell me about it. I was thinking that I hadn't played or even thought about drumming for eight years and it was silly to clutter up my flat for eight years with drums I was keeping for sentimental reasons.

That was June 2006.

In November 2006, *&^%$ Glenn calls me up saying his friend's band desperately needed someone to fill in on drums because their drummer had walked out in a huff, and he remembered that I'd once told him that I used to play in bands.

That started the whole obsessive madness again. I've done things on the cheap (Rhythm Traveler) but, with cymbals and extras, it's still cost me well over a grand. The good news is that I kept my rare vintage snare that, after reconditioning, is an even better snare than the Dynasonic IMO.

Yes, I loves that shot I just had to mess with it :)


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I'm usually on my laptop at home. Sometimes I might be at a friend's house. I love coming to forums and talking to other musicians, no matter what instrument they play. I love discussing music in general, but I really enjoy talking with other musicians. There are things that you can discuss with other musicians that you can't discuss with people that only listen to music. I'm a member of several forums, and like Larryace, I feel like I have actual friends on these forums. It's always nice when you can have good discussions with others. You may have differing viewpoints, but so what? That's what keeps things interesting. Sometimes you even learn something from them.


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Where are you? At work? Home? I really feel like I have actual friends here and I wanted to try and picture where everybody gets their DW fix. Give me some details about what's around you when you are here. I also want to know what sound system you use for your computer, ie laptop speakers or seperate audio stuff
Usually on laptop, checking the "bay" for deals on my car audio project. I know, should be saving for a new kit but mine ain't broke yet and haven't had a decent car stereo in over 20yrs. I'm pulling out all the stops on this one. All Zapco and RE. My pc is down but has ok Altec sub and speakers. My car, a whole different story.


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Wow, looks like im the only college undergrad who has time for DW...

Nowadays im in my dorm room, living in a rather large living space with 2 other dudes, my jack size bed sittin next to me, my cheap looking, wooden armoir to the back of me (no idea what type of wood). Off to my left i have a view of a red-brick apartment building and Broadway. I also got my keyboard on my side, and my guitar to keep me company.

Not on here too often, but i try to find time...


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At Home in my home office.Just look out the window to the front yard and street.Just got a new i mac thing is COOL........