When you find another band exists with the same name as yours...


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I'd imagine this happens way more frequently than people realize.

My current band has been together for 11 years and releasing music on some level for at least seven of those. There's another band in Oregon made up of some older guys who have probably been using the same name for even longer. As far as I can tell, their released output doesn't predate ours though. Either way there was a punk band in the late 70s with the same name.

This hasn't even been an issue until we distributed the bands last album to itunes, amazon, spotify, ect and we often get gelled together as the same band in each stores' search engines. If those outlets don't have a technical function in place to separate us. we can always use lower case letters like we do on flyers.

My take on it is best of luck to both of us. We have the first three pages of search engine hits with a tiny bit of SEO and without paying Google a dime, so I feel like we must be the more proactive group. I think our people understand the branding enough to know which album they meant to buy. If the other guys started gaining some traction we'd probably take a bow and rename. I'd hope they felt the same way as well.


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About the "9/10s of the law" (nine points)... I was being sarcastic, but the no-smiley/tongue poking out smiley ettiquette on this forum kept me from being so forceful with it. Would have ruined the sarcasm for sure too.