When you continue to struggle with tuning that one drum...


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Sometimes it's not you, it's the drum. Or rather, sometimes it's not the drum...it's the hoop(s). I recently discovered an issue with one of my batter hoops (not sure what happened) that made it almost impossible to get a head tuned up just right. Sure enough, the hoop was damaged.

This inspired our latest episode addressing bent/warped/out-of-round triple flange and diecast hoops, how to identify and address the issue, and how it can manifest with a demonstration/comparison:


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Awesome! Besides no visible hoop or bearing edge issue what I've always wondered is why, sometimes, you have a tom that just doesn't sing like the others-tunes up fine just a bit "flat" compared to peers. Or I guess conversely if you don't like them singing why one will persistently do so and doesn't seem to quench LOL. One day when we all get to go to Drummer Heaven all these unanswered questions will be answered. Unless you guys answer them first which I'm hoping LOL.


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I had this on a 12” Tom, discovered that the hoop was out of round; bought a new hoop and boom!! (y)
I never could get it right, but when I disassembled it for cleaning & wrap removal, the batter hoop was a bit off.
At the time, RdavidR had a good vid showing how he fixed this issue & it worked for me. I now love this one too! :cool:


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I really wish I had the time, space and money to test this stuff out....sigh. Good knowledge, just the same.


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Someone (probably DW) will eventually CNC machine their hoops from solid blanks and eliminate all these issues. No one will be able to afford it though.
I may machine a set of hoops from some old billet Al and see what results.