When we only got love...

Mad About Drums

Pollyanna's Agent
When we only got love
To share and offer
Every hour of every day
Every week of every year

When we only got love
To live our promises
Without any other fortune
And to forever, believe in it

When we only got love
To garnish with wonders
To cover with sunshine
The uglyness of this world

When we only got love
As our only reason
As our only song
And as our only help

When we only got love
To offer as a prayer
For all the pain of the earth
As a simple musician

When we only got love
To offer to all those
Which unique battle
Is to find the day

When we only got love
To trace our path
To force our destiny
At every life’s junctions

When we only got love
To talk to the canons
And only one song
To convince the soldier

Then, without nothing and anything
Only the power to love each other
We will hold in our hands
My friends… the entire world

Mad About Drums

Pollyanna's Agent
Thank you my friends :)

David, this little poem is inspired by a french song from the singer, songwriter Jacques Brel, my Dad's favorite singer, I've been listening a lot to this wonderful artist recently and I liked the hope (and truth) of this poem, so I wanted to share it with my drummerfriends.

Mary, I'm not a philosopher, but a believe in the power of love, call me naive or cliché, but such song(s) could make a difference, like "Imagine" from John Lennon.

Despite my rough external appearance, I'm really a softy inside :) :) :)


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Hard like nails,soft like a marshmellow Henri.It's the amalgum that makes us what we are.

I remember waxing philisophic when my mom and then my dad passed.Retrospect and introspect helps to define and clarify who we are.To revisit ourselves is part of the process of moving on and personal growth.

I can see your dad made a positive contribution to the man we know as Henri.Cheers mate:)

Steve B


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Dedicating this to Larry and his family from all of us.

..with Henri's permission...of course