When it all gets too much


Anthony Amodeo

I only had that passion (if not knowledge) early on but The Trill Has Gone. It's great that you still have it. It's a gift.

I started out playing along with records and I thought it all sounded great! Boom! Crash! Clunk! Too much fun! Oh, and adults hate it - yeah! I played every spare moment - on pads, floors, my legs, someone else's legs, tables, chairs, car bonnets ...

After a few years I realised that I actually played sloppy and struggled with fast or intricate passages ... I lost some of the passion. I wasn't Queen Poop on the drums, any more haha ... just another self-taught plodder.

I still love the sound when playing with a band, where as Bo pointed out and something I'm grateful for, boom-bap and minor variants are often the right thing to play.

As for pads, I can only play on them for short stretches because I hear every imperfection clear as day. Ouch.

I think this often happens with older sportspeople too - they tire of training and just want to play the matches.
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it's not a race Matt....go at your own pace

I think step one to improving at your state is ........and this goes fro everyone.....accepting your level of talent

some people have a higher ceiling than others.....some are just more naturally talented when it comes to certain things

this does not mean you can never reach what they reach.....it just means you will have to work harder

I know this because I am one of those with less natural born talent

i have had to work my ever loving tail off to get where I am today.....and still work hard every single day

I am truly blessed to be able to make a living doing what I love most in the world

I am also one of those loony people who absolutely loves to practice .......whether its pad or kit practice......I just love it still after all these years

but it is important to accept that talent level .....own it....then push forward

anyone who doesn't sits at their kit after work in frustration like you mentioned.... comparing themselves to others

that is a formula for failure
True words of wisdom, all of this but especially " accepting your level of talent ". This, in tandem with the remark of "this is a journey with no final destination" makes the paths clear for me and releases all chains that once bound me to the pressures of trying to become someone I'm not capable of. I don't have that level of talent, skills or abilities. I'm a person who can be considered one that comes with very little innate talent and anything I've done to this point and will do forward requires a large commitment of time and dedication.

Count me in for someone who still also loves, loves, loves to practice (except I can't stand the pad) as much as I enjoy playing with others. I need to have both though happening or the balance is lopsided and I tend to get anxious in one direction or another.

So, to the OP, GVD's posting sums it up for me.


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There is so much wisdom in this thread, thanks to everyone who has contributed! I love to practice too, I love doing anything to do with playing drums. I think for me yes its about accepting who I am as a player, I'm not naturally talented and I have to work damn hard, but its about accepting this and appreciating what I can do, the smaller things, the snap of a nice clean double, a well placed hi hat splash, these are all the things which make my playing mine.

I too am not fussed about speed, I used to be until I realised that in 12 years I've never been called upon to play faster than I already can, speed is nothing over quality, control, timing and taste.

So anyway, I will keep coming back to his thread for a while I think, a little reminder, a little comfort that I'm not alone. I know what I need to focus on, I know what I want out of my playing and I know with a little hard work, and a clear head it will just fall into place. naturally :) Drumming isnt my career and probably never will be so its time to rekindle my friendship and have some fun.


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I glimpsed a horizon my lifespan would never allow me to cross.

Thats the point where dispair becomes a valid force.

A view we must all endure once we reach a certain crossing point of age and ability to envision.

It has been very destructive to me for many years now..and piles on other things draining my desire to achieve.

Mortality defines the limits that we must surpass or accept...and rationality gives us the probabilities for consideration.

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Matt, your opening post rings so many bells, I almost see myself in it :)

You had wonderful advices, with a special mention for Gvdadrummasum's brilliant wisdom.

You've come to right place here at DW, when it all gets too much, we'll be here :)

Welcome to the brotherhood man :)

the only known footage of Grea behind the kit
You've been mistaken my friend, this is the genuine article :)


That old cartoon where it shows the drummer playing all this hard stuff and a bystander says "You're Amazing", and then the next window the drummer is playing "boom, bap, boom-boom bap...." and the bystander says "You're hired" is really true.
A quick reminder for everybody :)