What's YOUR single best investment in drum gear?

Al Strange

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Is that an Artstar ES? I have the same snare but with the regular hoops. It's surprisingly sensitive given its looks. Kind of like seeing Mike Tyson doing high level ballet dancing - great snare!
Awesome, would love to see pics! I’ve seen them advertised as Artstars but I bought mine in 96’ and it was sold to me as a “brass power metal”...you’re absolutely spot on, for such a monster it can still cut it for more sensitive work!! I swapped out the hoop on mine because I love DC hoops on the batter side and I’m a Copeland freak so happily leave TF hoops on the reso. (y) 🙂


If I didn't have Yamaha pedals, I would probably play those. They're on my "must try" list.

Not quite as old, but my first good hi-hats were 13" New Beats. Chose them on account of this forum. Still have them, too!
Cant be beat for making a lot of noise...I like to be heard and its good for the band, keeps everything tight. I like my Yammie hardware too...top notch.


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For me it would be the full set of bags and the hardware bag. A game changer for loading gear and even storing. Bags isn’t the first thing you think of but when you gig, carrying stuff can be a pain.
All the guitarists have case for their gear, but I’ve seen a lot of drummers without any case or bag strangely.


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I like those O-Zone crashes too. I like effects cymbals in general. I can see why you'd make that choice.

Hard to argue that. If pressed, what would be your second choice?
Probably the current ride, a Zildjian Dark Complex 21". I'm a Zildjian player, but am secretly coveting a Sabian O-Zone to be honest.
Since time and lessons aren't gear, I'll say my Roland TD-20s at the risk of being banned from this forum.

The electric kit has allowed me to practice thousands of hours I never would have been able to. It provides an easily integrated metronome and audio mix, a visual metric for analyzing dynamics, and an ease in recording drums for remotely sharing ideas with bandmates before decent affordable recording was available.

The kit was also an excellent tool for all the time I spent playing drums without my dominant hand as I developed my limb re-assignment concept.


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For me it’s my New Alesis Strike Pro kit. It was very expensive, but in my experience only the high end ekits are fun to play.

The reason it’s a great investment is because I can now basically play drums at all hours of the night and I won’t disturb my family.

ive Made thousands of dollars in drum gear purchases in 2020 alone but the Alesis kit is the one that will make me a better drummer


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I'd probably have to go with the set of DW 6000 cymbals stands and the Ahead/Ogio rolling hardware case I got like 8 years ago. I've sold the drums I had at the time, but the case is always stocked with those stands, ready to go.

Second place is my Yamaha Birch Absolutes, cause they're my dream drums. But even they don't get as much credit as that hardware.


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I usually put my gig money back into my gear. Last year, I decided to do the lesson route instead with 2 online instructors.
Made my playing better in 6 months than it's been in a few years.

Gear wise, I'd have to say my "silent set up" consisting of a full set of RTOM pads & Sabian Quiet Tone cymbals (with the L80 china).
As gigs are few & far between lately, my home practice has been paramount. As such, I needed a system that would let me play the way I would on stage & still get the same feel.
These two fit the bill!


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On an emotional level, my Guru snare.
On a practical level, my little red folding wagon for carting gear.
On a musical level, the pittance it cost to download LiveBPM on my phone.