What's your main crash?

I'm interested to know what you guys use as your left side crash.
My main crash varies between an 16" Agean Custom Brilliant crash and a 17" Sabian HHX Evolution Crash. I used to use an 18" Zildjian A Custom EFX permanently for a main crash.

Can't wait to hear what you guys have!
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I consider the crash above my ride/last rack tom to be my "main"...which is a 20" Paiste Sound Formula power crash.


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My crashes in order of use, and their position:
1) 18" Zildjian A Custom; above my first floor tom at about 2:30.
2) 16" Zildjian A Custom Projection crash; flying off my bass drum at about 12:30.
3) 19" Zildjian A Medium-thin crash; over my hi-hat at about 10:30 - 11:00.
4) 18" Zildjian Z Custom medium crash, custom-modded into an Ozone; over my main china and second floor tom at 3:00.


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Zildjian 18" A Medium Thin Crash.

Don't think I'll ever need another one, I find it just perfect.



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I don't get the idea of a main crash.

The one above my hats is sort of the main when I'm riding the hats, unless I just got done hitting it within the last quarter note or so ... or unless I'm playing open handed; at that point, either of the front two could be considered main crashes. The one on my right is probably my main crash when I'm riding the ride cymbal ... unless I'm washing it out, then I go to the far right, where my crash ride sits because it has more volume than either of the front two, or unless I'm hitting the front left crash with my left hand.

Gets very confusing, this whole main crash business. Crashes aren't like rides where traditionally there's a right side (main) and left side ride. Mine are sprinkled around the kit (3 in all) so that one's always in reach with either hand. They're also pretty distinct pitch-wise so that factors into it too.

In any case, I recently found a pair of 19" K Dark Medium Thin Crashes that do pretty well, if a bit heavy. A 19" A Custom Crash does pretty well in front somewhere, too. But I have a couple other Zildjians and some Sabian Xplosions that also work well.

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Been seeing that EFX crash used as a main crash by a lot of people the last year or two.
Dave Grohl and Travis Barker both do it.

Live my main crash most of the time is a 20" A Custom ReZo crash.
In the studio it's a 19" A Custom Med. Crash and on lighter gigs it's a 16" A Thin Crash


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The crash I hit the most is a Sabian AA 16" Medium-Thin Crash. I may replace it in a few months with a Sabian 17" AAXpolsion Crash. Peace, goodwill, and blues.


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sabian 16" aa thin crash...or so it says, I sometimes think it's mis-marked because it has a very " thick??" sound when crashed..a close second is my damaged/repaird zildjian 19" thin crash.


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Main crash, right side, Zildjian A Medium 16 inch. Left side crash Zildjian A Medium 17 inch


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My main crash is an old 18" Zildjian A
I also use a 20" Sabian B8 Pro ride as a crash
and an old 18" Sabian crash ride (series unknown)


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I have two left side crashes, a 19" and a 20" A Custom Rezo. I guess the 20" would be the "main" one.
Cool, I've been eying those but haven't seen the right specimens when out shopping with one of those as a potential. I have a 19" A Custom (thin) and an 18" AC Projection (medium-thin) but have been intrigued by the Rezos (medium-thin) based on a few videos. Any thoughts or comparisons on those?