What's your latest purchase?


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Vic Firth corpmaster ME3's

Fat and long. Should be here today. I usually use 5B's or Pro-mark 808's in oak. I have a set of Aaron Spears (Vic Firth), they're okay but a bit light.

I need some heft for the bounce stuff I'm working up. I seriously doubt these will replace the 808's on the kit but for the pad they should help.


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I plan on getting one. What ear buds are you using ??


Replied to Jim via private message.

I used headphones at rehearsal but want to use ear buds. I will be trying a very basic set of ear buds this weekend at a gig. I am not looking for complete noise cancelling buds since I don't want to block all stage discussions. So a cheap set to start. I'll see how I like them.


Just ordered a custom bass drum reso head from DrumART with my band logo/design on it. Super stoked! Pics to come ASAP.


"Uncle Larry"
Today I took delivery of a Sonor Players bop sized kit. 20 x 12 bass drum, like Andy's former cappucinno kit. (dia x depth) 10" x 8 tom, 14 x 12" legged floor tom. 5 x 14 snare. 450 w/ free shipping. I need a tiny kit for small places. Looking at it, it looks like a kids kit. Sitting behind it, it doesn't feel like a kids kit. It's fun. Pic is not my kit, not my house. One color only. Comes with the cymbal arm.

A few months back Karl sold me a 24" Giant Beat ride. Sweet.



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nice Larry, very classy new Sonor. My latest are all old stuff.

1970's A Zildian A 'hollow logo', 22 ride
1960's A Zildjian 20 ride (oddity, New Brunswick factory)
1970 Slingerland 3 ply maple bass drum 22 x 14 (this used gem completes my Slingerland journey)



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I've been keeping an eye out for a cheap kit that I can customise for my grandchildren - only 20 months & 16 months old so no rush(!) - & was asked if I wanted to buy a kit someone was getting rid of, so I got a 12, 13, 16, 22 Percussion Plus with all stands & throne for £20.
I'll probably use the 16 as the kick & make a small kit for them.
I know its a crappy kit but at least I won't worry if it's not perfect. Besides, once it's been covered in Peppa Pig or IgglePiggle decor I don't think they'll be bothered!


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Picked up a Dixson bass drum lift to replace my Gibraltar bass drum lift. Seems to work good so far and no screwing into the hoop.


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I just got this Ludwig LM400 Supraphonic 2 weeks ago on Ebay (really good deal, too). 6 years old and not a scratch or pit! With the batter head tuned medium, this baby just sings.

Damned, I love this drum!!