What's your latest purchase?


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Dude, need more of your high quality pics...please??!! Man, I am happy for you! Congratulations!! How do they sound?
Thanks Thunder 42!

This kit sounds a bit like a Yamaha Recording Custom but it's punchier, fuller and more resonant. I put some infamous Pinstripes on it and it's still super resonant.

I'll post more pics tommorow.


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Francois does great work. Very unusual to find a solid birch shell kit, mainly due to availability of suitable birch boards. Almost all birch lumber produced is used for decorative facing of construction boards, and that's the supply most ply builders draw from for their shells.


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I was just joking around. That's a beautiful set of Sonors and Zildjians. Congrats, man.
Thanks! Honestly I'm not a huge fan of the rezos actually - I'm trying to trade them for something a bit thinner. The delites are beautiful, but they've got two-year-old two-ply batters all round at the moment, so they're definitely not sounding their best yet either :p. I'll be sure to post up some more photos once I get them just the way I like!

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image.jpegNew pic of my new Slingerland Buddy Rich 4x14 brass snare drum. It was made in the 90's, so it's not a real Buddy Rich, and Slingerland didn't really build it so to speak. This came from Taiwan, and the name Slingerland was licensed out to this drum builder. Anyway, it's a wonderful drum with a snappy sound and quality hardware. The brass is a little tarnished here and there, but it sounds great! It will sound even better when I'm done with it.

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I just purchased this Slingerland 1960's Hollywood Ace snare drum.
On second look, it may be an Artist model. I have not yet received it.
I'm pretty sure it is not a solid maple shell or it would have cost more $$$.

Can't wait to play the blues on it.

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