What's your latest purchase?


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My latest (new to me Mapex Sledgehammer) as delivered. Obviously the previous owner had trouble getting it to sound good. Even with the two ply head, sound ring and dot, it had a nasty overtone. 5 minutes and I had it sounding fairly decent, but it was choked. Threw on an Evans G1 and she's beautiful and loud.....really loud! Either that, or my other snares are really quiet. Here she is. I just doubled the value of the rest of my drums. LOL!




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Sonor Delites in 14/10/12/14/20, Zildjian Rezos in 14/16/18/21, 600 series hardware set, single speed cobra, hard cases all round. Thanks Gumtree! :)


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Latest drum purchase is the find of a lifetime:

I got it for 200 bucks. Not in the best shape, but everything works and it sounds so incredibly fat.


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I hadn't intended on buying this. My wife saw it advertised somewhere and, considering the sizes, I thought about buying it for my 9 year old grandson. After closer inspection, I think I'll give it a trian run at a gig or two just to see how it is. The grandson may have to wait for a while.




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I have a 22/13/16 Pearl Wood Fibreglass kit in black lacquer finish on it's way to me as I type this. Got the kit in trade for another kit I owned. I usually use a 20/12/14 kit but thought this might work for Outdoor gigs and some louder gigs. I am a big fan of Kapur shells and the fibreglass inner will keep them consistent sonically.


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Believe it or not, I bought a third Unix kit in less than one month.
My latest purchase is a Stave Birch Bop Kit (18X14, 12X8, 14X14).

Here's a pic of the 12X8 Tom.

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