What's your latest purchase?


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Ludwig Atlas Pro hi-hat stand arrived today. Won't get to take it for a spin for a few days, though.


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Just ordered a Sabian HH 16" Duo Crash off the cymbal fusion website. Listed for $220, got it for about $180 after a 20% discount. However it turned out they weren't in stock.

They contacted Sabian and the cymbal is out of production, but the people at Sabian said they will send out one at the end of next week. The situation sounds kind of strange, but I'm happy to be getting a new one at such a good price. Has anyone ever had a similar situation?

Btw, the HH Duo is a similar design to the Omni, but is smaller. I also have an 18" Omni, and plan on the HH Duo Crash to replace my 16" Metal-x crash.



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I just bought a Tama/Camco reissue pedal the other day.

My goodness, where has this pedal been my whole life? It's so light and fast. Not many bells and whistles, just a nice solid pedal.

I'm glad I scored one. After looking around the interwebs, it seems it's already discontinued and pretty much unavailable everywhere. That didn't take long...

I wonder why they were only available for such a short time. I would love to score another one for the practice kit.


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Just bagged a Paiste Alpha 17" Metal Crash for £42. Pretty pleased with that.
Also picked up a set of Superlux drum mics for £35 a couple of days ago.

My son also bought me a Cruz Groovetech Drum Multitool for my birthday yesterday.

It's been a good week!


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Yamaha HipGig kit with canister throne and drum bags and dividers. I love nesting kits and have wanted a Yamaha version with the canister throne since they came out. I do a ton of jams and last minute gigs so these will be great for that.



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As much as I like thin shelled metal drums, I was looking for something at the other end of the scale.
Ocheltree Heavy Metals 5.5x14 seamless carbon steel and a DW 6.5x14 Vintage Steel with copper finish. DW lists the shell as rolled but I could not find a seam. Both drums weigh almost 20 pounds.
They both are very articulate and can be loud, of course but if played softly, they respond very well. Ghost notes are effortless.



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I have a fine pair of maracas.
It's a good thing you posted a photo.

I almost thought you meant something else... :)
Photo or no, I suspect there was something thinly veiled going on there!

After all, as Shakespeare (very nearly) said: "If music be the food of love, let me play on your maracas!".

My latest purchase bears testimony to my ongoing cymbal addiction. I've been playing and loving UFIP (mostly Supernova) cymbals, but fancied trying some Zildjian New Beat hats, and some 15" hi hats. I spotted some 15" New Beats, and struck a deal with the seller that saw me buy:

15" New Beat hats
17" A Custom crash
17" K Custom Hybrid
18" A Custom crash
22" (I think) Rock Ride

all in a Zildjian "Cymbal Safe" case

Looking forward to trying them out on the weekend.



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Amedia Antique 20in Ride

Picked up this cymbal at the Chicago Drum Show this weekend. It's pretty heavy and sounds best in an acoustic room (vs carpetted). It's supposedly Turkish company. Paid $228 for it. I like the wire-wheel finish - looks like they took a drill with a wire-wheel bit, and went over the entire cymbal front and back (although carefully paying attention to direction so as to affect a spiral pattern toward the bell).
I like the way it looks AND sounds...



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Bought a new Simmons DA200S e-drum amp/monitor on the bay. Standard price of $319. I've been putting together a hybrid kit using a Roland TD-11 brain and mesh pads, and I wanted to the e-drums to be as, well, loud, as the acoustics they're now with.

The amp came yesterday, and I'm in love. It's absolute thunder. Plus great clarity, terrific bass. I recommend it highly. (My wife, however, might have something else to say.)


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Hi All!

This is my first post to DrummerWorld, so Hi to everyone on here! :)

Back to topic, here is my latest purchase, my Noble & Cooley Solid Oak "Atomic Age" Kit! Let me know what you think!

Daren Metz

We need a Like button! Very nice.

I got some heads Evans E2 frosty's and an EQ-4 for the kick.
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We need a Like button! Very nice.

I got some heads Evans E2 frosty's and an EQ-4 for the kick.
Thank you GeoB!! This was the result of 2 years of tough R&D and diffrent woods, but I think the combo of 1/4 " Solid Oak Shells gives me a sound that is truly funky!! I cant wait for people to hear it! :)


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Just bought two felt beaters, two fleece beaters, and a wooden beater for my Speed King pedals. I'm stocking up now since Ludwig isn't making the Speed King anymore and that means they probably won't be making the Speed King beaters either.