What's your latest purchase?


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Sticks and heads. There's no need for me to spend unnecessarily when nothing but new heads and sticks are needed to make a sound. No new cymbal, throne, pedal or any other googah is going to change the way I play after 45 years. Occasionally I look at a "pretty" snare. I tap it a few times and ... move on. I'm still going to tune it to sound like what I want - just like my other snares.


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5 pairs of Vater Sugar Maple 5AN plus a new pint of gloss polyurethane which I paint on the lower half of the sticks (too satin-like otherwise). It's more like the finish of the Regal Tips I used to use years ago but I was SOL when I switched to maple (originally Vic Firth but they stopped making the ones I like so Vater it is these days).

Hollywood Jim

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I just brought one of these rim risers. It has not arrived yet.
Any of you guys ever used one?




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15" Zildjian New Beats that should be here any day now.

All on backorder
Pearl throw off
3- Remo CS Coated Emperors
Brick of Promark 2S


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I just took delivery of an Atlas Pro Double Pedal this week and I love it. I've just ordered the hi-hat stand from the same line and I'm really looking forward to it. The new Ludwig hardware is really nice.


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I bought a full set of UFIP Bionics

17/18/19/20/21 crashes
14 hats
22 crash ride

Also got a fairly rare 22 ufip experience vintage ride in Original finish. Sort of a big band type ride.

I'm in the mix for a Mel Lewis 18 crash ride so we'll see how that goes

Duck Tape

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^ Tophat, you're still buying ufips! Post some pics and you have won the internet.

No, what's it gonna do for you?

All I can think of is maybe it will be more comfortable for his hand when he cross sticks.

I'll throw in my Ahead brass snare which I didn't actually purchase, I won it in a comp.


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Mapex Saturn IV MH Exotic 5 Piece in Satin Black Burl with Mapex Machete snare.

Yes, it's my lucky, lucky, day! :)


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^ Tophat, you're still buying ufips! Post some pics and you have won the internet.

I am but that pretty much completes the collection. I have three sets of UFIPs, a set of Paiste 602's and Giant Beats (which I'm selling the GB), and three or so sets worth of Agop plus some stragglers.

I get the hats next week, but here's some pics of the new cymbals on my set. I use Experience Real China's (18/20) and Natural Hats and splash right now.


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Picked up this Gretsch Gold Series Snare Drum - 6.5" x 14" Brushed Brass to go along with my new Satin Walnut Burst Renown’s. I got the drum for a great price because it was a holdover from last year’s model. The difference is square badge for the last year’s drum to a round badge shown for the new model. A nice match with the Renown’s. I have a Pork Pie BOB snare that sounds good but the Gretsch has a fullness the Pork Pie doesn’t. At half price $225 a great buy.


Jack Boyd

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The Drumbourine. It adds a tambourine when I hit the side snare. $29.95 at Pro Drum in Hollywood.


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I just bought a 20" Evans EQ3 clear head at my local music store for $10. I guess no one is buying 20 inch heads and they have a bunch of pre-360 20's in stock for $10. I may go back when I get payed and stock up they also have some EQ1? and some black resonant EQ3's I am not a fan of black resos but for $10 I can't pass it up. I may buy out the rest of their stock.


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I just got a Ludwig Heavy Coated batter, and a Smooth White reso for my new bass drum (pics to come).

I got a new 18x26 in Red Sparkle, retiring the 20x26.
The 20x26 size has served me well for a long time, but I'm just feeling something different. The sound is almost the same, but I can feel it under my foot a little more, and it's easier to lug around.
Fits better in the case too.


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I just brought one of these rim risers. It has not arrived yet.
Any of you guys ever used one?



Never used one...............I have a Russ Miller Jingle wedge that's fun to mess around with.........................................should make rim clicks easier