What's your latest purchase?

Buy one, get two for free!!
I bought the cap.
I got a color poster of the history of the Gretsch Drum Company free. AND I also got a five dollar Gretsch bill with the picture of President Friedrich Gretsch on the front and the Gretsch White House on the back.
Thank you Mr. President!



Ordered 3 new cymbals;
Paiste 2002 8" Splash
Paiste 2002 19" Crash
Paiste RUDE 19" Thin Crash

The RUDE wasn't in stock, so i have to wait for that one. The crash and splash arrived yesterday and big bummer; the crash has a big scratch near the bell. The plastic sleeve it came in had that also. Box it was shipped in had no damage, so i assume they just send me a damaged cymbal. Was inspecting the cymbal last night and also noticed a hairline crack near that scratch. This one is going back and already mailed Thomann about sending me an undamaged cymbal.
That 19" 2002 is my favorite Cymbal. Sounds fantastic. Bright and shimmering but with body and definition. so great.
Finally got my new-to-me Gon Bops congas (1977 vintage) home from my local shop after an excruciating three week wait! Super stoked. 🙏 Here’s the trial run, fresh out of the cases and with my complete lack of technique with the instruments. If they sound this great now, I can’t wait to hear them when I have some clue of what I’m doing! 🤪:love:

New to me USA customs. Just need to get a different Tom mounting system so I can mount the rack toms on the bass drum (the rims position them too far apart for my liking). Also, it is probably sacrilege but I am pairing the kit with a Ludwig raw copperphonic (which is the most impressed I have been by a metal snare in a long time).


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Sometimes it's the little things! I am excited to give this new Flannel Dragonfly Percussion bass drum beater out.

I had a rehearsal at a friend's space last week and used his kick pedal with this beater attached. From the first thump, I knew I had to have one. The weight of it is really what stands out. The brand also offers canvas, leather, suede and other models.

A pic i took last Friday; new is the 2002 19" Crash and the 2002 8" Splash. I got the 8" splash a few weeks ago together with a damaged 19" Crash, so sent back that crash and Thomann sent me a new one. The "new" 19" arrived last week, just in time for rehearsal. It's an amazing crash! Bright, warm, full, shimmering; exactly like Paiste describes it. The 8" splash is probably my fav splash ever! Cutting, splashy... golden combo with the 10"!

Rest of the cymbals I've been rocking for a while now. The RUDE 19" Thin Crash should be here near the end of July/early August. It will be a long wait!
My latest purchase is this DW shield logo bass drum head. I already posted about it in my whiny rant regarding online shopping, but it seems worthy of a mention here, too. I’ve been after a rounder, fuller sound from my bass drums recently, and there’s nothing like an unported reso head on a 24” bass drum to bring some serious BOOM.

It’s not completely wide open - I’m using those little Napoleon’s hat looking pillows that DW puts in bass drums as stock equipment. I like that they’re adjustable in terms of the amount of muffling desired and they stay in place with the velcro. Solid, well thought out design. (y)

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Got an e-mail that the RUDE 19" Thin Crash will be delivered tomorrow! Quite unexpected since the E.T.A. was end of July.
Will post a pic of the (new) Paistes sometime this week :D
professor farnsworth futurama GIF

Got an e-mail that the RUDE 19" Thin Crash will be delivered tomorrow! Quite unexpected since the E.T.A. was end of July.
Will post a pic of the (new) Paistes sometime this week :D

So tasty! Can't wait to try it with the band next Friday!


Was curious and weighed my 19" crashes. The 19" K Dark Thin Crash comes in at 1589 grams. The 2002 19" Crash is a tad heavier at 1654 grams, but the RUDE is 1772 grams. It doesn't feel that heavy at all!