What's your latest purchase?


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So I A/B'd the two rides. Very much in love with the AA El Sabor. Great purchase. Much lighter and smaller to mount on one ATLAS mount on the bass drum. Mission accomplished!

So, the cold of B20 is still achieving room temp and now I'm on the hunt for a pair of Chauvet 4 Play's to go with my 4 Bar's.

I'm the unofficial light guy in the band haha


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20 inch 1960's A Zildjian ride, 2170 g (medium light) its a made in canada one, REALLY a beauty as crash and ride
22 inch 1970's hollow logo A Zildjian 22 ride, 3200 g (medium heavy) a little heavy for my tastes, not crashable but great for rock

am normally a Paiste guy but getting taken over by the 400 year old company.


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2 pair of Vic Firth Stanton Moore sticks and one pair of Peter Erskine Big Band sticks. I fell in love with the Stanton Moore signature sticks and ordered three pair but only 2 were i stock so I got the Peter Erskine model. Not much difference other than the tip.


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I was in LA last week for a few days so got a T-shirt from the Pro Drum Shop on Vine Street. Great shop, very nice people there.
Also got a Zildjian K mini china off the local craigslist... Comparing LA's CL with what's on offer in Sydney is night/day...



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Sabian AA 21" Bash Ride.

Peace and goodwill.


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22 inch 1970's hollow logo A Zildjian 22 ride, 3200 g (medium heavy) a little heavy for my tastes, not crashable but great for rock

I've got a thin-stamp 70's 24 inch that comes in at 3480. Amazing cymbal; you can quite clearly hear the ping even over amps turned to 10. Anyway, don't write off that heavy 70's pie as un-crashable. Give it a bit of time. As I get to know my cymbal, I'm loving her deep, earthy low crash sound more and more. It's not your typical rock crash noise, but it's very cool.


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A cymbal bag from Reunion Blues and a couple of discontinued NOS 18" Paiste Twenty series crash cymbals.

I have the black one... incredible bag. Really a nice job they did. My only issue is that it's hard to access cymbals in the very back of the big pocket because the zipper is at the front, but it's not a huge deal.


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Grabbed this Ludwig Black Magic Beaded Black Nickel over Brass Shell 8x14" snare the other weekend... Sounded killer right out of the box - slapped new Evans heads, puresound 20's on it and it's even better now... my stand just barely gets low enough to handle this monster



oh yea, and a new Ahead Armor bag for it as well -- well made bag (much like Protection Racket), could use a shoulder strap... but it'll work


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I too just bought a cowbell. Needed it for a couple of covers. Also a set of black chrome batters.

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A vintage wood & fiberglass 13" Pearl tom w/ coffin lugs and an internal muffler. It came with the original tom post too.

Anybody got a matching 16" floor tom? Any color, gonna wrap it white anyway. Please PM me.

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No pics, but I just acquired a Tama Starphonic Bubinga snare today. Absolutely beautiful.


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I picked up a set of used Paiste Formula 602 medium hihats in great condition for cheap:


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Got some fuel on the way back from tonight's gig. Does that count? Fortunately I haven't really had GAS in a long time. I actually have a lot of gear I need to get rid of. So I can acquire some more in its place ;)


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The anti-consumer here, a few pairs of VF signature sticks in February and a snare drum head. No real purchases since December 2012, a 5x14 DW Collectors snare.