What's your latest purchase?

Jim Krueger- CCW Drums 6.5x14 Cherry stave
Great drum, I was close to buy but I had other priorities before this one, so, congrats!!!
Always nice to make amends for a selling mistake . This Peter Erskine Jazz series snare is a good one and this one has a nicer veneer than the original one I owned .View attachment 129547
If you continue to show it, I will have to buy one, I love peter Erskine ands so many praise for this snare!!!!
Ok, so, you have seen the AVA Stable Stave, Photos from his website but with it, there was also a Summit Purple-heart 14" X 6,5", form Scooter as well and they arrived today, great!!!
The Summit is tuned low, at E3, I have one "Deep low Snare", the Summit 14. X 8" so, I will tune this one upper but it came tuned super nice already. The AVA, it's the opposite, with the cold outside, I needed to have it staying quite a long time in the basement to get a normal sound, at first, it was ll over the place. Maybe because stave are ore sensible to temperature changes than Single ply? Do you think?
Anyway, here are the photos in the basement:
IMG_5411.jpgIMG_5412.jpgIMG_5413 copy.jpgIMG_5414.jpgIMG_5415.jpgIMG_5416.jpgIMG_5417.jpg

And the rest:
Found a cool used Mapex Saturn snare drum with ten lugs and solid chrome hardware that shined up nicely with some old fashioned elbow grease and spit polish. Oh it sounds great too!


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Just curious, what size is your acoustic kick? I ask because I found the metal Danmar patches to be too much for 22" kicks, and sound better on 24" kicks. There's just too much click which kills the low end in a live setting setting. Between the trigger and the plastic beater patches you should be good to go. ...of course YMMV.
Yessir, I haven't even tried the aluminum "patch". I laughed out loud when I saw it, it's literally a solid chunk of aluminum with some glue on it, lol. I don't even want to try putting it on my 22" drum. But the non-aluminum one, the skinny one with the plastic insert, that one sounds pretty good.
Update on Aluminum Danmar patch. (I had to add this in case future lurkers want to know.)

Danmar 3 Star.jpg

The thick "Three Star" version is almost too much to be useful on my 22" kick drum. Almost, but actually I'm starting to like this thing for just practicing with earplugs in. I discovered that if don't strike the patch with enough follow-through, yes it will sound hard and dead like my batter head is made of wall plaster. However, when I am sure to make full strokes with clear windups, I can actually feel a bit of the low end "whump" behind the sharp "click". Through my earplugs it actually sounds kind of boss, kind of metal.
(It's also pretty fat sounding for hip hop beats. But again, gotta follow through the stroke to pull enough low end so it doesn't sound like you are kicking a wall.)

I tend to agree that the patch might actually be "too" hard, or at least too thick for a smaller bass drum. But I do appreciate hearing that extra "click" in the room. It's just so difficult to make an acoustic kick batter head attack the way we have grown used to hearing in a metal album. The thing that I'm most pleased with is how it makes my bass drum sound and feel when doing those quick double and triple stroke kick roughs. It has that articulation and separation like you get on a metal album. That's the stuff that makes me smile.

To be fair this decent blend I'm describing is only what I hear through my earplugs. I haven't tried recording with the aluminum patch. I'm not confident it would sound balanced through my Shures and Zoom recorder. I'm just stoked that you can use a patch to at least simulate that desireable metal kick sound while practicing at home, without relying on a trigger.

The last time I tried recording the bass drum with the thinner plastic Danmar patch I couldn't figure out how to stop all the squeaking! It was so loud it drowned out the attack and made the bass drum sound small and dead in the playback. I can see why cats just be like 'forget all that mess" and put a trigger in the bass drum.

That Gibraltar throne is my personal favourite. Very rugged yet comfortable.
I am growing more fond of it as I go along. I have a renewed appreciation for the memory foam now because I found an old cheap round top seat in my drum shed to compare it to. The cheap one is usable, supportive, but holy cow feels like it's made of wood compared to that Gibraltar. And the Gibraltar really is a good looking seat. Mine still creaks though when I shift my weight around.
Local random consignment/junk shop......2 Pork Pie snares with hard cases in good condition.

One the 13"x7 Little Squealer and the other was labeled as a Pork Pie "Gum Wood Snare" 14"x 6" with an interior date of 1/20/14 on it.

Scored both for $270 total, with cases....... I'll get them home and clean them up and see whether they are keepers or flippers......

I have been on a bit of a Paiste Dimensions buying kick . I have always been a fan of Paiste Dimensions cymbals . Sadly Paiste discontinued these fine cymbals . I had a set of these back in the day . I recently purchased a pair of hihats and a crash . 14” Thin Heavy hihats and 18” Thin Crash to be specific . The hats and crashes are the stars of that line IMHO.

20" Paiste Traditional Thin Crash and a Tama Star snare stand.

I did a shoot with six snares for 2112 this afternoon, and decided it was time to move along a few pieces of gear, namely, the Ludwig Speed Flyer double pedal, two Sabians (including the 22" Artisan), and a snare stand, and ended up with these two and a little extra in the wallet.

The Trad replaces the 20" HHX Complex I've had for a few years, but which ultimately had the wrong midrange for the rest of the kit. The Paiste ought to work out well. Coming to the southeastern US this spring!

And the Tama is probably my new favorite snare stand. I can't stand (heh) trying to shoehorn a 10-lug drum into an equilateral snare basket, and it also happens to be the lowest profile of any basket I have ever seen. AND the center of mass is straight down the middle, from the center of the drum itself to the tripod legs.
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Decided to pull the trigger to get me a Yamaha Stage Custom bop kit for practice set up and smaller gigs where a smaller kit is needed. I've got a couple of fellow drummers here in Arkansas that use this kit and really like it, and they ultimately sold me on getting this kit. I can't wait to get it in so I can set it up and play it!


I kinda went down a rabbit hole with some additional outboard gear for my home studio...... what started as "I wonder what an outboard tube pre amp would sound like?" (not that my Presonus 1824c interface sounds bad etc) that moved to...."yeah maybe an intermediate 2 channel tube pre amp would be cool on the overheads"......to "yeah and then maybe another one, maybe a little cheaper for the 2 toms only".......to "wow, look that Presonus Studio Channel has a tube pre amp channel, compressor and EQ.......that would be cool on the kick.".....to "oh and maybe a couple decent but not too spendy outboard compressors/gate/limiter."......

So I have some new and used gear on the way....

ART MAP Pro 2 channel Pre amp
ART TPS 2 Channel Pre amp
2 Behringer Composer units (2 channel Gate/Compressor)
Presonus Studio Channel

And patch cords......

Here's the funny thing......my current setup sounds pretty damn good.......but who can say no to an acute case of GAS........