What's your latest purchase?


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@Elvis they only sent the one drum with a single brass badge on the vent hole. It looks blank in one shots because light is washing it out.
What are you talking about? What looks blank? I never said anything about anything being blank.


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I was never really happy with my Meinl 21”Transisition Ride. So I got rid of it today and added the Meinl Sand Ride 22” to my collection.
Can’t wait to play it tomorrow.



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Nothing drum related. I want a new double kick pedal. Maybe a direct drive one. But I got a 2021 Studio Les Paul in Smokehouse Burst with a USA Strat but with a Warmoth body and a Chinese Warwick 5 string Corvette bodied RockBass in Nirvana black because they were cheap.
Maybe this is how I get a new pedal?
That’s how I’ve always done it.


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Went to shop to trade in my DW 9000 single for a Tama Speed Cobra dbl pedal.
Left with the new pedal and a 4 piece Pearl Masters to replace my Decades.
Love the Cain and Abel finish.

I had no intentions on buying these and lesson to some….I took my wife and SHE fell in love with them and gave the green light. Go figure.


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I bought two Gibraltar tom things. One is a one inch bass drum mount for a tom tree. The other is a double tom tree for two ball tom arms, which I already had. So that means that next week I will be drilling holes in my bass drum. Peace and goodwill.


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Zildjian A 17” Thin Crash - to match the 16 and 18 I have.

14” Remo reverse dot snare head.
VF 7AN sticks - time for the annual replacement pair. The last pair has done over 100 gigs, and are starting to chip a little in the shoulder.


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Right on.
Which version of the Masters are those drums?
Maple Complete
Sizes are 22/16/12/10

Decades are 24/16/13/10
I always had a hard time placing the 13 and usually placed is as a 3 piece.

Both with virgin bass drums