What's your latest purchase?


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Well I bought a pair of these curious of brand and the taper and tip of these and when I picked them up I thought a lil light but wow what a delight to play these. Not a hard hitting stick but just sounds wonderful on everything-snare,toms and cymbals especially sweet.

opworks Memphis R & B Drumsticks​



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3x custom drums made by Pansini Percussion in Sydney, Australia.

6x4", 8x4" toms and 10x3.5" snare


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Picked up some Yammie stage custom add ons,10x7 tom with case and 5x14 snare, both cranberry red.
Will post pics when I have time.
So upgrading my bop set.


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I'm curious about the Ludwig Custom Maples in your sig. :unsure:

So.......you're going to have a 10/12/14/18 Stage Custom bop set. I had one of those too.
Don't forget about the double tom holder, unless you're going to replace the 12 with the 10.
Already done.
Will post when complete.
Craigslist is a marvelous tool.
The Ludwig Downbeat has great BD and the toms are fat and punchy.
My two new sets were less than half street price from GC on closeout.
The Downbeat new street is like $2300 ,I lucked out for a $1K.
The Yammie was $225.
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22" K Constantinople Bounce Ride
15" K Constantinople HiHats

Listened to the specific cymbals on memphis drum shop's website and am thoroughly pleased.


Those look so tasty i'm getting hungry!


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Hey pgm554 - those Ludwigs are Classic Maples, not Custom Maples. Names aren't a big deal, but it could confuse people.
you're right.
I'm confused with too many sets.,but still another $100 bucks plus these days.


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I finally picked up a cajon - but i couldn't bring myself to do a big one so I snagged a rhythm Tech lap one - so far so good.

(this is a stock photo before I get any messages from admins haha)


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Bongo Jesus

Pics or it didn't happen. :p

I don't have many to show yet, still setting up and ordered a matching floor and snare stand for the rack tom. Sizes are 20x14/12x8/14x14/16x16 (on order) all in olive oyster pearl. Also got a new old stock 2012 Legacy maple snare, with a p88 thrown in. Also the new 14x6.5 limited classic maple snare and a pile of Zildjian A's. Busy day.

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I just bought a used MOD Duo. And although I created the design of user interface and the plug-ins back in the days and have written a good share of the effects available I actually have never had my hands on the real thing. Just played around with it for a while and I have to say it's absolutely stunning! This one will be used by my bassist, so it seems I have to get a second one for the drums - because I'm simply flashed.

1633618905735.jpg 1633618905731.jpg

Concept is the following:

Inside the device is an ARM board running a stripped Linux, optimized for audio processing. This runs all the LV2 plug-ins available under Linux at a very low latency (either 2 or 5ms). In production it is running as a stand-alone device, controllable via the knobs and buttons on the device (or other controllers available, even DIY ones). You can connect a computer via USB to get access to the user interface. From within that you can freely arrange and wire up all those fancy plug-ins until you run out of processing power. Those pedal boards can then be saved and arranged in banks to be recalled from the devices controls.

Plug-ins can be installed from an app store in seconds through the UI as well - all free. Same is true for pedal boards: there's a huge library of user boards available and installable through the UI. Missing plug-ins are installed automatically together with the pedal boards from the library. All plug-ins parameters can be automated or controlled by the controls on the hardware.

You can use line signals, instruments like guitars or basses and even microphones as input directly. It comes with 2 ins and 2 outs which can be used independently. So for drums I'd plug my snare and kick to add some fancy effects.

There's all effects available one can imagine - lots of reverbs and delays, dynamics (compressors, gates, limiters), distortion (saturators, all those well-known guitar effects, bit crusher and much more), modulation (dozens of choruses, phasers, flangers, ring modulators etc), lots of amp and cabinet simulators, equalizers, enhancers (exciter, bass enhancer, ...) and much much more - as I said, mainly all plug-ins available for Linux OS.

After you set up the device unplug the computer and use it as stand-alone with the two displays, the two (pushable) knobs and the two buttons.


I just got a Gibrater Stealth Docking Station delivered. I plan to use it with my Summit Drums set. Pictures will have to wait until I get it all properly set up, and I'm still waiting on some pieces.