What's your latest purchase?


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A few weeks ago I bought the sonor AQX jungle set and absolutely fell in love with the small drum sizes.

Today I’ll be selling that kit as I was able to get a Sonor AQ2 jungle kit brand new for same cost as the AQX. Same Drum sizes and config but AQ2 is Maple vs Poplar.

I was blown away by the AQX sound especially for the price but I think the AQ2 sounds even better and found something DCP said in their video… that maple shells respond back to the drummer much better then poplar shells.

Any way.. these are Sonor AQ2 in the WMP wrap.



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After 12 months of waiting, I finally received my Sonor SQ1 10x7 Tom in Roadster Green


No Way Jose

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A local guy was selling his collection of drum sticks, cymbal stand, mallets, brushes and stick bag. Good deal so I bought it.


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I bought a used pdp 2 leg hi-hat stand to replace the rickety Pearl. I like the chain tension adjustment, never had a hi-hat stand that had that feature.

C.M. Jones

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I like the chain tension adjustment, never had a hi-hat stand that had that feature.
You'll appreciate the adjustment mechanism even more if you ever move up to, say, 15" hats and want a little more tension to accommodate the additional weight. It's a nice feature to have.


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Couple of pairs of VF Steve Gadd wood tip.
$7.83 a pair at Guitar Showcase if any of you folks are interested in a bargain.
I have them and I really like them of jazz, well, for a lot of stuff too.
Trick driveshaft for my Speed Cobras. These things should be industry standard, it's unreal. My left foot doesn't know what to do, feeling that much connection to the playing. I can feel reverberation in my left knee that usually gets ate by the lost motion, making me wonder about having a second kick again. Funny enough too, I'm barely playing double bass these days, really trying to max out single foot & barely playing any of Speed/Thrash/Grind that is my old go-to beats, not pushing extremes anymore.

Out of Round

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How are you liking it?
I'm happy with my pedals, but have been seriously considering getting one of these.
I'm enjoying it. It just got delivered today. I'm putting different beaters on it, just messing around. I've been mostly using the wooden Lightweight model LowBoy beater today. I'll probably also experiment with spring tension settings later, but I'm just using the set-up as is, right out of the box for now.


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Two 22" Remo Ebony heads.
I'm going to put these on my Ludwig Maple Classics (18x22)
No ports, no pillows.
I want to try Simon Phillips-style muffling on the batters (Evans Hydraulics) but on the outside.
Rolled towels taped to the heads.


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I bought a 20 inch K custom dark crash recently as a mate to my 18 in K dark crash. I tried to post a picture from my phone but it says it's too big then I tried to upload to Imgur and didn't have any luck with that yet either. Maybe later
@Supergrobi has fixed us up! Now try uploading a photo and it should be a breeze!


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Hooo, great, I have this throne, with the back rest be the ergo rider, non hydraulic though, it's a super seat!!! What are you going on do with your workshop roller throne with drums?? Why do you need all the drawers? For spare parts for drums?