What's your latest purchase?


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Man I've tried that on several cymbals over the years and has never worked to stop the crack from spreading. Not even once.
That's a shame. These were done about 30 years ago, you can see they're right near the shoulder where I strike them. These are old, very thick cymbals. Nice and trashy.


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Picked up an SKB hardware case from the Sweetwater Demo specials. I've picked up a few useful things from that.
I've picked up a dozen Humes & Berg soft cases from Sweetwater from their demos over the past few years. (Just can't stand to pay full price for a case.) None of the cases look like they were ever used at all. Got a 22x18 H&B Galaxy case last week for my gorgeous vintage white Sakae kick.


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Got myself these to try, slapkatz dampeners. see if theyre any better than moongels and my aquarian tone tabs



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That looks great, very solid. Conversely, I'd love to get my 16&18 off the floor and hang them. Not sure if they'd be bouncing all over.

My 16 & 18 are mounted on a rack and the do bounce a little, but it's not like they move that much. The 16 is on a rims mount, and the 18 has the DW stm mount that has 2 tom mounts and is very stable.