What's your latest purchase?


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Birthday gifts from the in-laws. The little Prologix pads are a set that has all 4 surfaces they offer. Pretty cool little exercise tools.


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Darth Vater

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Omg dude....that's a freaking beauty. I bet that sounds like absolute heaven.
I'm still messing around with head choices on them but yeah, I'm really digging them. Talk about low tones! N&C make some really nice drums. I've been looking for a good walnut kit for awhile and these definitely fit the bill. I can honestly say that search is over. I think I'd like to add another rack tom but I've got some stuff I need to sell first. The cool mount device is spectacular in it's simplicity and effectiveness.


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90s era Tama AW526 maple snare shell in Amber lacquer. I have all the required hardware from collecting it over the years. I'm hoping to find time this week to get it cleaned, assembled, and possibly gig it this weekend.

Spoke too soon. The lugs I have this drum are actually for 8" and 9" deep drums. I may pull the lugs off my Tama Brass just to get it set up though. :)


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I had a total freak beater failure on my Gibraltar bass beater - the felt like...separated from the plastic beater. It like...ripped off and left me this super small piece of felt on the hard plastic part - wild thing.

I picked up the Vic Firth Beater that looks like a mallet - and I have to say...I'm super impressed with how much a difference it made. Great punchy felt tone...but it feels amazing. That's really the best thing...I think because it drops the center of gravity from being so top heavy with a traditional beater (at least the Gibraltar one, which had a very head top) - it made the whole throw smoother and more comfortable. Played one show with it last and have two tonight and so far, so freaking good!

Below is their marketing for it:

This meticulously crafted beater is as unique functionally as it is visually. A large maple shaft and reduced size felt head creates an even distribution of weight from top to bottom, resulting in smoother action and more control throughout the dynamic range.

Developed in collaboration with the legendary performer and educator, Peter Erskine and tested with drummers across every genre of music, the VKB5 is the new standard for any drummer looking for exceptional feel, balance and control.

“As drummers, we like the feel of wood,” states Erskine. “The reason we’re drawn to choosing a specific stick is because it’s an important part of the touch and tone that we get from the drums and cymbals. The way a stick feels – the length, the diameter, the position of the shoulder, the density of the wood – all contribute to the way it’s balanced and weighted. Why would we not want to have the same feel and experience of wood for our bass drum?

”The new VKB5 was carefully designed to work for all drummers on any pedal setup. A standard size rod and tapered wood shaft ensure that the beater fits universally into the hub with plenty of clearance over the cam. A 1.75” felt ball packs a punch, while still being slim enough for clearance on a double bass pedal.

Erskine states, “After receiving the first prototype, I discovered that I had a whole new relationship with my bass drum. I’ve connected to the instrument in subtle ways that’s hard to explain.”

  • Unbelievable sense of balance and throw
  • Offers touch and control like no other beater on the market
  • Unique wood shaft design distributes weight for added balance and control
  • Felt head gives the right balance of attack and warmth, great for any style of music
  • Head Size - 1 3/4"
  • Length: 7 1/2"


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C.M. Jones

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I got a leather stick bag, ProMark Raw 5B Rebound and Carter McLean signature sticks.

Also got an Aquarian Super Kick 10, not pictured.
Great-looking bag -- very reserved and tasteful. Also, though I use AHEAD sticks now, Promark 5Bs were my standard for years. I like the long taper of the Rebound version you purchased. Its response is excellent.
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