What's your latest purchase?

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I bought a Summit Drums 4 pc kit. Steambent, solid shell, single ply, curly maple. Sizes are 22x14, 13x9, 16x16, and 14x6 snare. Gary Posey makes a mean set of drums. I predict someday he'll be famous!

I think the Craviottos come with 1.6 hoops, don’t they? What about these? I think someone here mentioned that 2.3 hoops tended to choke their Craviottos too much.

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I think the Craviottos come with 1.6 hoops, don’t they? What about these? I think someone here mentioned that 2.3 hoops tended to choke their Craviottos too much.
Good question. I bought these post build. I wasn't involved in the designing, hardware etc. Lemme see what I can find out and I'll get back to you. They came with coated Ambassadors top and clears on the bottom. PS3 clear on the kick and black PS3 reso. They don't sound choked to me. Toms and kick tuned up really nice. Snare took me a while to dial in but that's not unusual for a solid shell snare. The snare has die cast hoops and it's an 8 lug, not 10. I've got it at a medium/high tune right now that really cracks.


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Just brought these home today. Yamaha 8000's ..... 20x14, 12x8, 14x14 in Real Wood. Rack tom started out as a concert tom. Buddy I bought them from had the bearing edge cut by Stan at Pro Drum in L.A. Then sourced all the proper Yamaha parts to double head it.


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Somebody stop me.


(Please don't stop me.)

Those are 17" and 19" crashes, in case the reflection makes it too hard to see. I love the 17" (I got it a few weeks back) but the 19" (which just came today) is a bit too big for me—it takes a bit too much energy and time to open up. But it was a really nice price and whenever I tell my wife that I ran across a cymbal I don't need but which is at a great price, she always says, "oh, you should get it." She's an enabler is what she is.


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Had a bit of wrist pain after playing my Black Magic with diecast hoops for an entire afternoon a few weeks ago. Drumfactory Direct was selling a blemished black finish S-Hoop for $10 plus shipping. BAM! Cross-sticking sounds SUPER sweet with this hoop.
DIDIVO 128 GB 2-in-1 USB-A / USB-C Flash Drive - So I can move my raw YT content from my M1 MacBook Air to my custom PC without having to upload to the cloud via Wi-Fi first. I love recording on my Air but I don't like editing on my Air. Its 13-inch screen can't compete with my PC's 32" BenQ.

FORE MIDI to USB Interface with Output and Input connectors - Because my Alesis sound module occasionally stops sending signals to EZDrummer over USB MIDI. I'm trying to figure out of it's a problem with the module or the cable I bought, and the FORE includes an LED that flashes when its receiving a signal.

USB-to-USBC-C Adapter - Because the other end of the FORE is USB-A.

Fovitec 1000W Studio Lighting Kit - To complete the triangle for my 3-point lighting setup.

SIMGOT MT3 Hi-Res IEMs - For a better, more discreet listening experience than my over-ear headphones could provide while I play and record myself.


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Most recently? I used Player's Circle points to get a new snare side head for a snare drum I'm selling.

What? It's a kind of purchase. :D

edit- and it just showed up in a mangled box, inside a slightly crushed box. Very surprisingly, the head itself looks okay.
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Thanks. That was cute. :)

I've been a lifelong Windows user since v3.1 but have always envied Mac users for the aesthetically beautiful design language of MacOS. When Apple came out with the M1 line last year, I took it as an opportunity to join their ecosystem with the MacBook Air. I don't regret my purchase, though I have since learned that I much prefer File Explorer's functionality.

The adapter I bought isn't a dongle and only cost $9:



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Just ordered today:
A few Gibraltar rack parts (can't afford to switch to all stands for now, so my smaller rack will have to suffice for now)
A Tama Stagemaster HH stand (cheap, solid enough and with a swivel base, so I'm happy)
A pack of moongel.
And yeah, a Yamaha Live Custom Hybrid Oak in the UZU Magma finish. Might add a 13" down the line, but with the cost of these, I think I will have to keep it as a smaller setup than I'm used to. :p


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