What's your latest purchase?


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Just watched a Starlink 60-satellite train, totally silent, in a clear night sky here in the Northwest U.S.A. Unfreaking real, especially when they handed me a book "To Serve Man" on the way...

I finally broke from my Iron Cobra Speed pedal to a DW 9000 and it was worth it. I really enjoy the flexibility of playing with the adjustable cam profile and de-linked footbed-to-beater relation. Any of you ever use bowling talc on the footbed for increased slide?

EDIT: Also came across a K left side ride with the triple rivets which I may grab in trade for a Mapex Brass Master in really nice condition.


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technically not a purchase. my guitarist friend upgraded his home studio with scarlett interfaces, so he came by my house and dropped off this M-Audio M-track 8 interface for me to have, which is awesome. so now i have 16 channels to play with (as id be combingin it with my behringer u-phoria 1820 interface). whenever i can *FINALLY* hire a local bars function room and set up my kit, mics and interfaces! :)



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In post #4883 I told ya all about the snare I bought for ROX (8).

Today, should arrive my PDP 2-leg Hi Hat stand (too many legs and left bass pedal down there...gotta try to squeeze)
Gonna give the stock Pearl HH stand and the stock hats to ROX to add to her situation.

Snare AND hats(?) should help. (for now)

Probably see her at my mom's house on Monday.


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Got a 22" Canadian Zildjian from a nice dude over at DFO. 1970s Hollow Logo Ping Ride, but it's a totally different animal than any American-made Ping Ride I've ever heard. The metal feels looser, and it's a much darker, more complex sound. The idea being that it'll sound like Neil Peart's old Canadian Zildjian once we get it in a mix. We'll see soon!



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Now I really want to buy a whole kit in this finish... Yes, it might very well happen..... :p . Tama Starclassic Maple 14x5,5 snare in Flat Deep Green.
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I lust after Tama’s flat Aztec Gold finish. Is the surface easily susceptible to fingerprints or scuffs?


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It definately catches some fingerprints, haven't seen any scratches so far... The Aztec Gold looks really cool as well, a bit too flashy for my taste, but nevertheless cool. I just seem to prefer a lot of the SC Maple finishes over the Walnut/Birch ones, so even though it's slightly above what I would pay for a new kit, this one really has me thinking.

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My latest acquisition is a deal that I am exceptionally happy with. I found a Pork Pie Big Boy throne on OfferUp and snagged it for $25.

It is incredibly ugly and magnificent at the same time!




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Well...I TRIED to purchase a cymbal mute/dampener/muffler yesterday. Normally I avoid Guitar Center, but was driving by doing the weekend errands and decided to walk in and see if they had any mufflers for my 17 inch crash. One salesperson tried very hard to help me, and was stopped by a second sales person who loudly announced "We don't have no mufflers!" I thanked the first salesperson for their time and walked out of the store.

Because I'm a frugal New Englander that I drove home and put ye olde kitchen towel for a muffler over my crash cymbal. It worked just fine.

dishtowel muffler on my crash cymbal 5-10-2021 cropped photo.PNG
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