What's your latest purchase?


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Well...I TRIED to purchase a cymbal mute/dampener/muffler yesterday. Normally I avoid Guitar Center, but was driving by doing the weekend errands and decided to walk in and see if they had any mufflers for my 17 inch crash. One salesperson tried very hard to help me, and was stopped by a second sales person who loudly announced "We don't have no mufflers!" I thanked the first salesperson for their time and walked out of the store.

Because I'm a frugal New Englander that I drove home and put ye olde kitchen towel for a muffler over my crash cymbal. It worked just fine.

dishtowel muffler on my crash cymbal 5-10-2021 cropped photo.PNG
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Pawn shopping as I was in the downtown neighborhood yesterday.
Got this early mid 70s Pearl D4514 CoS with knurled center and the beautiful diamond style lugs for $29.
Everything works well, has the lever throw (ala Gretsch round badge snares), one thing that is cool is the butt end has a tension knob for tightening.
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I've got this identical snare. I couldn't find out much about it but it's in mint condition. Somebody rubbed the inside shell and revealed brass on the inside. Sounds great along with my Session Series kit.


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bought a case for my two interfaces, now theyre a contained unit :) the only downside is im running a windows PC and from what ive read i cant run two interfaces at the same time like you can on a mac or linux system :(

so even though i have 16 XLR inputs i can still only use 8 at a time until i figure out a way to run both at the same time :(



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Thinking about refreshing the China and having a few rivets installed.
Only paid like $60 bucks for it ,so what's the harm in spending another $40?


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just won this on ebay, a lewitt LCT 340 pencil condensor mic :) its from the same seller who sold me the lewitt DTP 640 bass drum mic. apparently this mic is faulty as well (says it has an earthing issue) but i suspect that its just his place/gear that he's using.

again i'll test it at my friends home studio and find out if its a good bargain or not :)



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Set of four Pearl (yes, I know) OM-1. So far, they’re working very well. They dried out my toms without choking them or altering the pitch. Well made, too.