What's your latest purchase?


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Glad to hear it wasn’t because of the dreaded lurgy or anything similarly sinister!(y):D
No mate, I just seem to veer away from the forums from time to time. Faceache is now a ball ache & I much prefer the forum format :)


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Nice 👍🏻. Interesting finish !

Been wondering where you been . Always look forward to your finds . Seemed like every other week for awhile there 😉
Here you go in no particular order :)

F6AC97A8-EA60-4DAE-B3EA-AF8547E2DA78_1_201_a by Kevin Frost, on Flickr
F9505E60-F660-4D11-B30A-8034F5AC482C_1_201_a by Kevin Frost, on Flickr
41A72EB4-4054-40CF-B9D6-12BEEB6C7493_1_201_a by Kevin Frost, on Flickr
42759E23-B367-4BC2-8B57-D7A3291C0AD4_1_201_a by Kevin Frost, on Flickr
9Y0A7600 by Kevin Frost, on Flickr
9Y0A7532 by Kevin Frost, on Flickr


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tried my lewitt DTP 640 rex out today, as i had posted in my original post, the mic was a gamble as the seller said there was popping/crackling from the mic and he suspected it was the cable.

well, i tried it today at my friends home studio, with original cable and and with the new cable i bought...........

zero problems with either! no crackling, no popping, just a great and strong signal from the mic and from the cables, so my gamble paid off, i got a £300 mic for under £100 posted!! happy days!! <3


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I finally ordered some bucket list cymbals:

Paiste 20" Giant Beat Multi-functional Cymbal:

Paiste 14" Signature Precision Sound Edge Hi-Hats:

I also ordered 3 Yamaha Crosstown Advanced Lightweight Cymbal Stands.


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Just getting into recording- am I too late?
Just kidding I know I’m late on that bus.
I did find this thing for a little price.
A Sony 300 series table top FBI alien session recorder for $15 at an antique shop we frequent in Florence. It works but missing the cb style mics, other than that get a roll of magnetic tape and I’m not sure what this thing can do, at least it can hang around in my little ‘studio’.
I recently picked up this G2622, it was the last Single Barrel Stain that AMS had:







It had some fret sprout that needed taming but other than that, it's a fantastic git-fiddle.


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So, when does your store open now that you have more drum stock than my local GC?