What's your latest purchase?


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Hard leather beater from DragonFly percussion



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I bought myself a new mattress.. about the same price as a K Constantinople Ride.. With that neck and back pain.. there is no way a cymbal could win over a good night of sleep.



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Since were talking mattresses. My back has never been better since switching over to those foam mattresses they ship in a box. I think ours is Casper. And I sleep like a baby since upgrading.


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Those are also my pedals of choice. In addition to being very smooth and responsive, I love the narrow base plate. I can get my snare and floor tom feet in much closer.
I personally like it better than my DW 9000. The Falcon is yet another Mapex product that is extremely underrated!


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Got a set of Evans UV2s for my toms as my bands are getting ready to start playing out for the first time in over a year. Just from the few thumps I gave the toms at home I was blown away. I ordered a set for the kit I play at church and they are really nice, warm and full of tone. Highly recommended if you like a 2-ply tom batter.


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I wanted to try a 12 or a 13 snare.
MF had one, used listed as 13 x 5 Pork Pie. (I am budget dude, JSYK)
I bought it. It is clean as hell, and the hardware is immaculate.
Pork Pie 2.jpgPork Pie 3.jpg
Now when it got here today, I took it home from work. It is a 12. Also, My Pearl snare IS 14 x 5.5:
Pork Pie 5.jpgPork Pie 7.jpg
This Pork Pie is at least an inch taller.
I am not bummed about it, except that MF seems to be wrong as often as they are right.


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Nice it looks well made and I like the shape of it.. first I thought it was a a puck of 3/4" plywood then I read, leather, good idea, attractive product.

It sounds really good as well


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Sabian Artisan light 14” hats. They sound amazing!!
Ho my god, I hesitated so much between them and the Foundry Reserve!! I went for the Meinl just because I found a good price...I don't regret if though but you made me thinking to buy them!!!