What's your latest purchase?


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I have one of those 18k dark med thin also and like it a lot.
It’s a great cymbal- size, shape, tone, bell, openness, and sustain are all outstanding. This is probably going to end up being the “go-to” crash. And I am even getting used to the great big K. But I must say that the Zildjian 18” A thin crash sounds similar in many ways, although brighter with longer sustain and slightly higher pitched. Overall the K seems slightly more “refined”.


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Today’s pick up is a big one.

The Sonor Benny Greb 2.0 Brass
Evans G14 Coated in 8,12,16,18 sizes

Can’t wait to play this Snare and compare it to my Beech Benny Greb 2.0

Also been wanting to try G14’s on my SQ1’s for a while. I have a clear set on the way as well.



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bought this today, a lewitt DTP 640 REX dual element bass drum mic (has a dynamic mic and condensor mic in it).

tbh, this mic was a gamble, as the guy was selling it for parts or not working because last time he fired it up it popped & crackled which he was assuming was the cable (its a 5 pin xlr to dual 3 pin xlr), so ibought this and a new cable.

if it *IS* the cable, i'd have got a £300 mic for less than £100, if its *NOT* the cable and its the mic(s) themselves, then i either need to find someone to repair them, or i've essentially flushed my money down the toilet.....thankfully not as much as i expected to. so its a (semi) calculated risk.



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This was a couple weeks ago.

I have this kit. And I love it!!

Just be prepared for the Ride cymbal to fail. It will fail over and over again and each replacement will fail.

The bright side is.. customer service is great and sends a new one ASAP


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Just added the Focusrite Octopre Dynamic to my setup.

This will help me expand my Scarlett 18i20 to 16 mic inputs and move away from the Behringer XAIR XR18 I was using as a preamp.

I guess the pandemic has been hard on Scarlett & Behringer manufacturing. Barely anything in stock.

I was able to sell my XR18 the same day I listed it for 425 bucks !



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Glad to hear it wasn’t because of the dreaded lurgy or anything similarly sinister!(y):D
No mate, I just seem to veer away from the forums from time to time. Faceache is now a ball ache & I much prefer the forum format :)