What's your latest purchase?


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Picked up a 21” A Sweet Ride, a 17” A medium thin crash and a cool old set of 13” Avedis hats that polished up nicely and compliment the 14” sabians. Is it allowed to have two hats and two snares? And two rides?
So I guess I'm on a quest to upgrade the cheap pies for some righteous bronze.

Just received the 18" A thin crash, and the 18" K dark med thin crash is on the way. Now my dilemma will be deciding which one to keep and which to sell (lol). I must say I've always (as in 40+ years) been a Zildjian A guy, never owned a K but I've struck quite a few of them at stores recently and decided to try one if I found a deal. It'll be interesting to hear the difference in the two side by side.


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I remember gigging with one of those... There really is nothing else like it.
Get help moving it. ;)
Enjoy. :)

This weekend we drove up to the mountains to pick up a proper Ampeg 8x10 cab for use with the SVT, and got a Rupert Neve Designs RNDI to run between the amp and the cab at speaker level, so we can send a proper direct output to FOH. These bass tones are absolutely righteous.

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Just kidding eh? But I must admit that I was totally taken aback by Beau Dommage. :)


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That colour is stunning!
Yes, I found in love with it when I saw the picture on the web, when I saw the drawing on Tama website, I was not super excited and I was not aware that it was a wood from the Mahogany family. Seeing the pictures in the light and knowing what Mahogany could do on guitar in term of low Deep end, I finally put a deposit on it. I was pretty sure to have a clear contrast with the Maple that I tune high, A3 or even A#3 and it's the case. Below is the picture from the store.


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1400 CAN$, including 13% tax here in Manitoba and shipping included too, so, finally cheaper than the 1000 US$ the Star Reserve are.... When I bought the first one at Sweetwater, I thought I was saving but I was harmed a lot with the impost taxes and the broker fees (290 CAN$ if I recall), so, now, I have found a store in Montreal that has all the top end drums like DCP, less inventory of course but if you are fast, you have them in CAN$ and you save at the end...Anytime I wanted to buy stuff from DCP or other US store, I loose money if I include import taxes and fees so, good for Canadian business...
So, as a keys player, if I have to buy one more snare and one only, it might be the Star Reserve 15X8" Bubinga/Maple because I have no room for an extra floor Tom unless it serves double duty...But again, at 1400 CAN$, it won't be for tomorow... I used part of my return tax to pay for it.... I was "lucky" that my new job during the pandemic was 30% less so, more return this year....
I was close to buy a Black Beauty 100 anniversary but after reading that it was the "old" single flange hoops plus 8 Lugs and thus, more open sound while I was looking for more low end, I finally declined their offer and I'm glad I did because they came with this on le later on...By the way, Musique GagnΓ© were very honest, they told me that the BB was maybe not what I was looking for instead of trying to sell it to me and then, I came back to them at the end...
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Taxes are good for something then!
Yes, 2/3 of property taxes already paid with them too, just 100$ per month and I will be good for September. So, tax goes out, then goes back then out again...In the end it's always out of our pockets! But free health, fair price and awesome loan system for studies, very low government debts, Canada is ok these days compared to other countries...Like my family in France or elsewhere in Europe.


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I just got a Tama HH915D, Roland RT-30HR, Strymon BigSky, a few instrument patch cables and a black Meinl drum rug. And hopefully the USxUK sample pack from Drum Sample Shop, soon.

Before that, I committed and got some new cymbals (first cymbal purchase in 9 months, which I feel is a respectable amount of time to wait between purchases lol). All Meinl: 15" Byzance Foundry HiHats, 20" Dual Crash Ride, 20" Extra Thin Hammered Crash


This arrived today. I cleaned it up and put new heads and wires on it.